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The standard deviation of the prices themselves over recent price history is used since it constitutes perhaps the simplest and most robust measurement of price volatility. Contrary to fixed-width bands, Bollinger Bands expand and contract based on the volatility of the prices. Bollinger selected the standard deviation as a measure because the calculation involves squaring from the average, thus making the system more responsive to short-term price changes.

Bollinger Bands were not intended for producing trading signals. A full guide to the calculation and construction of the Bollinger Bands is provided in excel format for your better understanding. Bollinger Bands BB Given that Bollinger Bands were not intended for producing trade signals, the best way to exploit their role in a trading system is in combination with other indicators or chart patterns.

An excellent combination in this respect is with the RSI since it is a countertrend oscillator and therefore aims to identify possible market tops and bottoms. At the same time the price chart forms a bottom outside the bands and moves above B L. Enter long when the price retests its low and remains within the bands, failing to form a lower low. At the same time the price chart forms a peak outside the bands and then moves below B U Exit position when the price chart fails to rise higher than the previous peak and remains within the bands.

The standard deviation value used for constructing the Bollinger Bands can be varied to alter the sensitivity of the system. Both of these indicators were introduced by John Bollinger himself and are calculated as follows: When day-trading using Bollinger Bandspay particular attention to volatility-breakouts. The biggest strength of Bollinger Bands lies in their construction as it creates a volatility measuring system driven by the market itself, rather than trying to read market movements by imposing an external discipline.

Bollinger Bands binary option strategy tester dynamically to price changes as volatility increases and decreases, rather than depending on any secondary source of information. Using a single moving average of a rolling time interval introduces a lag, causing our bands to respond with a time-lag.

This will be reflected on the bands by moving far apart from each other. However even if market volatility declines after that, the volatility represented by the standard deviation will not decline as fast as expected, until it passes completely out of the calculation window. This will make it difficult for an exit signal to be delivered on time, since it is contingent on reduced volatility. Also, if a new high volatility event takes place soon after, it will not be easily recognised due to the inherent volatility what do bollinger bands indicate our system.

What do bollinger bands indicate FxPro Quant, we do not have to worry about the calculations and definitions behind the indicator. Number of periods used in the calculation formula to derive the Bollinger Bands see excel spread sheet attached. Standard Deviations value used to derive the bands. Shifting the bands vertically to serve the EA logic. Input : Close, Open, High, Low, Median, Typical, Weighted price.

Default : Close Price. Value used to derive the bands. Input : Upper Line, Lower Line. Default : Upper Line. Indicator value required for the Expert Advisor system in question. Number of periods the output should be shifted back or forth to serve the EA logic. FxPro UK Limited and FxPro Financial Services Limited do not offer Contracts for Difference to residents of certain jurisdictions such as the United States of America, the Islamic Republic of Iran and Canada.

In addition, Contract for Differences CFDs with FxPro are not regulated by the FAIS Act and intermediary services are not provided. The Art of the Chart. The Sun Never Sets on Forex Traders. A Brief History of Forex. Average Directional Movement Index ADX. Relative Strength Index RSI. Behind the Scenes: The Monte Carlo Simulation.

There are some basic interpretation guidelines that Bollinger himself considers a trader needs to keep in mind to make the most out of Bollinger Band : A. A move that originates at one band tends to go all the way to the other band, what do bollinger bands indicate therefore an indicative price target. When volatility lessens and the bands tighten come togetherit is usually a sign that a significant market move will result in one or the other direction.

When prices move outside the bands, it implies a continuation of the current trend. Bottoms and tops formed outside the bands followed by a failure to achieve the same extreme twice and re-entering the bands call for possible reversals in trend. Tips and ideas The standard deviation value used for constructing the Bollinger Bands can be varied to alter the sensitivity of the system. Suggested Combinations for EA development Relative Strength Index - RSI.

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Bollinger Bands are adaptive trading bands that answer the question “Are prices high or low?” on a relative basis. The adaptive mechanism is volatility.
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