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Once we get into the market, we place protective stops according to the following rules: This trading technique of Alexander Elder is an interesting approach because it takes into account the different movements and market trends presented in different time frames. A theory on how risk-averse investors can construct portfolios to optimize or maximize expected return based on a given level. Pring's model is applicable in the use of technical indicators. The Daily Triple Screen Scan. More Forex promotions here. I know many people who have tried using the triple screen and have worked! A ratio used to find the value of a company by comparing the book value of a firm to its market value.

Show Posts Go to Page. I have just read "Trading For A Living" Dr Alexander Elder. He explains his trading system "Triple Screen". Also is featured in his newer book "Come Into My Trading Room". Has anyone used this sceeen or an ammended version? Yes - I was silly enough to do so when I started trading on screen.

Of course, it lost. Now I know why:. The system tended to make me focus on the indicators, not price action. I ended up trading the stochastic on the second screen DOH! It only returns to give a valid signal when the trend is near its end. SO THE ONLY ENTRY SIGNAL YOU GET IS Trdaing THE TREND IS OVER! If you still want to give it a go, I'd try using a fast stochastic rather than a slow one as recomended.

This may give you some valid signals - but I've never tried this. Oh - another point - try backtesting the system - even if it's just by eyeball. You will see a few good entries in nbg stock options past that will give you encouragement. This is how authors make thir living.

Trrading show what happened in hindsight. Anyone can do that. He does make some interesting points in the first part of the book though. When you tried it how many trades did you do using the system? Few wins, most lost. My paper trades prior to this were mostly triple screen trading system pdf however. I then realised I was a fool if I thought I could learn to trade profitably from a screen triple screen trading system pdf the price of a book.

What timeframes do you use for the three screens? Indicators show the past. Price Action "Indicates" the future. I know many people who have tried using the triple screen and have worked! Originally Posted by TheWolf Hey people. Originally Posted by TheWolf I know many people who have tried using the triple screen and have worked!

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Elder Triple Screen Trading System (FOREX)

First Screen of the Triple Screen Trading System: To learn about the second screen in the triple screen system, read Triple Screen Trading System - Part 3.
43. TRIPLE SCREEN TRADING SYSTEM 237 For example, if you want to carry a trade for several days Or weeks, then your intermediate timeframe will be defined by the.
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