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The SteadyWinner Flrex is developed by Ming and Henry, who trade it themselves for their own account and are confident in its ability to generate consistent returns. Ming and Henry ra genuine and passionate traders and speak all the right words when it comes to creating professional Expert Forex steadywinner ea. The EA itself is described forex steadywinner ea a trend follower and mean reversion system in one, since it is able to trade trends, but uses overbought and overbought conditions within those trends to enter positions.

Most of the time, however, the stops are never hit and the market closes positions through its own trading logic. It can be said that the SteadyWinner EA is both a trend follower and a mean version system. It thus enters trends on dips and sells rallies, utilizing overbought and oversold conditions so that positions are sfeadywinner at good levels. This strategy alone, results in some good trades for the EA, however, to improve the system forex steadywinner ea further, Ming and Harry have introduced a number of trend filters based on moving average setups.

Contrary to many trend following systems, the EA is not based on moving average crossovers. Instead the moving average setups, and there are four in total provide filter levels that determine the direction of prevailing trades. This filter limits the number of losing trades, reduces drawdowns and makes sure the system only trades in the direction of the trend. The end result forex steadywinner ea a robust money management system that is anti-martingale in style.

An old adage in trading is that as long as you are in the game, you will always have a chance of making it big and by utilizing strong money management techniques Ming and Harry have made it extremely difficult to go broke by trading this EA. Once again, Ming and Harry prove fore salt when it comes to stteadywinner back testing of forex steadywinner ea SteadyWinner EA.

The duo know the pitfalls of optimization and the dangers that come with curve fitting so have applied stringent rules that the tests must stand up to. Thirdly, and most importantly, Ming and Harry have made sure that the EA performs evenly in all years. This is crucial and guarantees steadywunner the system should work well in future years, since it has been proven to perform similarly over many different and volatile trading periods.

The duo trade their own accounts with the EA and foeex first-hand that successful bots do not stay successful forever. Analysis of the fx energy options tests reveal that SteadyWinner got off to a flying start but has since waned a little in recent weeks. Perhaps the new version will get off to a similarly excellent start. The makers of the SteadyWinner EA are up front and honest with this EA and give as much information es they possibly can to explain it and make it easy to use for their traders.

They provide a lengthy manual explaining the strategy, allow demos that can be traded on live accounts and even let setadywinner see the original source code in case they want to improve on it. This is a breath of fresh froex in an industry that has its fair share of scammers and con artists. It may xteadywinner surprise you. Home Forex Robots Steady Winner EA. Buy Steady Winner Stedaywinner. Visit Steady Winner EA Website. This website is not designed for the purpose of providing personal financial product or investment advice.

The information contained in this website does not take into account your particular investment objectives, financial situation or investment needs. You should assess whether the information contained in this website is appropriate to your particular investment objectives, financial situation and investment needs. You should do this before making an investment decision. The information contained in this website is not a recommendation to invest in any steadywijner.

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