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You may also be interested in. So it's understandable that most people don't know option trading managed account they work. This business is 'Evergreen'and the principles you're learning will be valuable for many, many years to come. In addition, the bonuses may come with terms that require you to invest a certain number of times before withdrawing your money, or other restrictive rules. When he started Option Axiom it seemed like a good follow-on to Optionetics and there were some good educational webinars. If you'd like a proven system capable of earning you a full-time income from home then take action right now. Your system demystifies the options game to a degree where almost anyone with good work ethic and willingness to learn can succeed.

Support is Complete Failure. There are better alternatives. I believe they are way over-extended. Rob Roy was an excellent instructor re: Elliott Wave and Fibonacci. When he started Option Axiom it seemed like a good follow-on to Optionetics and there were some good educational webinars. Support was good — at the beginning. That has since deteriorated to what might tactfully be described as underwhelming or, more bluntly, as essentially non-existent.

None of managfd issues I covered in these communications dealt with financial advice, recommendations or anything that they clearly could not answer due to laws option trading managed account financial advice. On this basis I will pursue further action, to the extent practical, through federal and State agencies associated with Option Axiom LLC business licensure as well as agencies and groups responsible for or associated with reporting potentially fraudulent activities — with the following caveats.

I will not complain about the amount of money I may have lost due to implementing personal trades based on Option Axiom alerts. Although losses have been greater than gains tradinf over the years, I entered and exited each alert-based trade of my own accord I did not subscribe to auto-trade. Risk management was my responsibility. I have accountt difficult time believing the profit graphs on the website home page as others have already mentioned.

When Option Axiom first went public, Rob advertised that he would award a free month for any non-profitable i. This was awarded at least to me only once yet I have had many losing months based on the OA alerts. I think the over all consensus is they make more money teaching then trading. Tom Gentile, Peter Achs, and Christina Nuggent really were the only ones that taught through their trading. I would suggest to look up what Tom is doing today and you will find that the true traders stuck together.

Like Kirk, I was a former student of this golf pro and signed up for his service. The first part of last year went well, then as he expanded his business, he lost sight of his "subscribers". Stay away from option trading managed account recycled Optionetics instructor. Started Draining My Account. Did you think that Option trading is easy? Its never been something for the amateur or inexperienced, which it sound like most of you are including me.

Seems like more losers than winners. So I sent another, then another. Three cacount for a simple question and no response. I was hoping they could clear that up for me. So far I am disappointed with the program. I though I had respect for Rob and his passion for trading the markets………but not anymore.

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