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What is Market Share? Introduction to Prototyping for Business Analysis. To discuss the Search Engine business Growth by Acquisition Sustaining the Market Leadership Position. A diversification analysis needs to demonstrate, and support, that the business will achieve a return on the investment that more than compensates for the risk and the cost. These, in turn, goohle Google and its partners new monetization opportunities -- assuming consumers don't find a way to preemptively opt out of them as well. Managing Business Change For Dummies.

There were also branding benefits to the change, as Kevin Lane Keller explained in another article. But Alphabet also stands for alpha-bets, i. Project Loon is such a moonshot project, providing internet access to remote regions by equipping balloons with wireless capabilities. Allows each unit to deploy the right approach to strategy and execution. Many tech companies have innovation- and engineering-driven cultures typical of nimble, improvisatory start-ups.

Many have already built maturing, multi-billion dollar core businesses, however. Fast changing, unpredictable, embryonic businesses may require an adaptive approach which stresses rapid iterative experimentation and organizational flexibility. And some businesses may present an opportunity to deploy a shaping approach, in which an orchestrating company build a collaborative ecosystem around a shared platform. Attempting to apply a single approach to strategy and execution to these very different situations compromises competitiveness and performance.

Makes related diversification strategy of google easier to build the required capabilities in each business. In order to effectively apply different strategic approaches in different business environments, a company needs also to be able to support each with appropriately differentiated capabilities and culture. The discipline and efficiency focus of classical businesses engender very different needs compared to devolved, free-wheeling adaptive ones, for example.

The new modular approach to strategy and organization realized by Alphabet allows it to vary that unique recipe according to the needs of each business. Visionaries, risk-takers and engineering geniuses may fit better with moonshot companies, and disciplined doers, optimizers and commercial types for their more mature businesses for example.

It also allows Google to employ different leadership styles and develop different cultural variations for each. Lowers the hurdles related diversification strategy of google acquiring and growing companies. An umbrella organization makes forming and buying new businesses a lot easier, too. Transparent reporting will give shareholders what they are looking for.

And a modular structure means that integration challenges are minimized. Forming, buying and selling subsidiaries are a hallmark of experimentation by acquisition. Google, now Alphabet, restructured its organization to realize an ambidextrous approach to its business, potentially benefitting both its moonshot projects, its nascent businesses and its mature core business.

While other factors, like tax and capital allocation, have undoubtedly also played a role, the need to apply more tailored approaches to strategy and implementation in a more diverse and dynamic business environment has been a key driver. You may contact him by e-mail at and follow him at MartinKReeves. Your Shopping Cart is empty. And neither can your company. This article is about STRATEGY. Harvard Business Publishing is an affiliate of Harvard Business School.

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related diversification strategy you have the advantage of understanding the business and of knowing what the industry opportunities and threats are; yet a number.
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