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Create own Forex system. This is how traders should think, approach trading. I enjoyed reflecting on my own trading pattern. I took that trade in gold by the way. The GBPUSD Shrategies December at SSI Extremes. Av blown my account severally bcos i didnt know which time frame to really trade. You are much better off learning to trade the daily charts so that you can see what all the market movement resulted in each day, rather than trying to analyze and make sense out of each little tick of the lower time frames….

EURUSD - Daily Chart very simple "trend following strategy". This is a strategiws simple, yet very effective trend following strategy. Display price using Heiken Ashi candlestick. Removes a lot of the noise and allows to see smoother movement. Confirm if trend is UP, DOWN or SIDEWAYS. The candle MUST breech both moving average lines to validate entry long or short. Typically the large HA candle daily chart trading strategies breeches the two moving average lines will NOT have a wick below it.

EURUSD - Simple Trend Following Strategy Cont. GBPAUD - Comparison of Standard Candle Vs. HA Same Time Frame. EURGBP - LONG, Double-Bottom and Daily chart trading strategies off LT Support. Nevermind, wrong clipboard data! Give me a sec and I'll post the correct chart. This is how traders should think, approach trading. This is very useful insight. Having a clear conditional strategy is the best way to go in trading i believe. That eliminates subjectivity, making trading more objective.

Not at all, thanks for your idea. It would be great if you follow with real time examples, i will be following your ideas. Many thanks for posting this - looks to be excellent. Can I just ask you to clarify one thing please? Hi Dale, thx for posting. Hey yliya-86.ru strategy works with any pair. However tracing works the best. It's best to go to the pair s you like to trade and do back testing. Thank you for your post, Dale! I have implemented your strategy today and so far.

I know this post is a year old, but it's still pretty accurate as a trading chaet. Are you able to quantify a 'large' candle? IE: put a number in pips to it? Thx for any info! Heavy volumes were traded between those levels accumulation followed by strong rejection of higher prices resulting into renewed sell-off. I think that the sellers will be active there again. Only thing to watch out for is ECB meeting on Thursday. Basically anything can happen there and I won't strategise trading during this event.

You can see my analysis here:. Market Data Provided by ICE Data services.

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How To Swing Trade On The Daily Chart Like A Pro

EURUSD - Daily Chart very simple "trend following strategy ".. — trading idea and price prediction for Euro Fx/U.S. Dollar (FX:EURUSD) from trader Dale_Ansel.
Learning to Trade Forex from the daily charts is one of the best Forex trading strategies you can start with.
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