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Although you can't change the lockout period, you can use it. These are legal contracts, and. Transaction, and consider whether the plan or agreement can be amended to. Anyway, here are the two cases I've seen happen before:. We should emphasize that what we've discussed here does not touch on the long-term value of the acquiring company's stock. What happens to unvested restricted stock units RSUsunvested employee stock options, etc. Acceleration most commonly occurs at the moment just prior to the merger or "qualifying event.

I work for a publicly traded company that was acquired by another publicly traded company. I also own shares of "restricted stock units" for my company. All of my shares are scheduled to vest far after the acquisition will be completed. This article actually answers most of my question : There are a number of possible. Regardless of optionz answer, I ccompany still curious to hear from anyone else that has gone through this scenario and how it worked out for them, especially if it isn't one of the outcomes described in that article linked above.

This is a great question. I've participated in a deal like that as an kf, and I also know of friends and family who have been involved during a buyout. Optiohs short: The updated part of your question is correct: There is no single typical treatment. What happens to unvested restricted stock units RSUsunvested employee stock options, etc. Furthermore, what exactly will happen in your case ought to have been described in the grant documentation which you hopefully received when you were issued restricted stock in the first place.

Immediate vesting of all units. Immediate vesting is often the accquired with RSUs or options that are granted to executives or key employees. The grant stok usually details the cases that will have immediate vesting. Other immediate vesting cases may be when the key employee is terminated without cause, or dies. The terms vary, and are often negotiated by shrewd key employees. Conversion of the units to a new schedule. If anything is more "typical" of regular employee-level grants, I think this one would be.

Generally, such RSU or option grants will be converted, at the deal price, to a new schedule with identical dates and vesting percentages, but compang new number of units and dollar amount or strike price, usually so the end result would have been the same as before the deal. I'm also curious if anybody else has been through a buyout, or knows anybody optioms has been through a buyout, and how they were treated.

I've been through two instances where I worked for a public company that was merged for stock into another company. In both cases the options I had were replaced with equivalent options in the merged company with the number of shares and strike price adjusted at the same rate as the actual stock was converted, and the vesting terms remained essentially the same. In other words, the options before and after were in essence equivalent. I worked for a small private tech company that was aquired by a larger publicly traded tech company.

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Learn more about Stack Overflow the company. Learn more about hiring developers or posting ads with us. Here's how it works:. Anybody can ask a question. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. What typically happens to unvested stock during an acquisition? This article actually answers most of my question :. There are a number of possible. Anyway, here are the two cases I've seen happen before:. Thanks for the great answer. I dug up my grant docs, and the gist I get from it acquiired that all the described outcomes here in this question and in the agreement are possible: a range from the not-so-fair, to the very-equitable, and to the windfall cases.

I guess I have to wait and see, unfortunately, as I'm definitely not a C-level or "key" exec sgock. Stock options if company acquired through a buyout at a software company - they converted my stock options to the new company's stock at the same schedule they were before. Acquied then offered us a new new-hire package and a retention bonus, just because they wanted to keep the employees around. What if you can't find any mention of what happens during an acquisition or going public in your grant docs?

Could stock options if company acquired of stock options if company acquired above occur? SeanGlover Absent any mention of the situation, they may just end up honoring optiona original terms, unless they decide to do better, e. IANAL, but Lptions don't think they can unilaterally change the terms of your grant so you're worse off unless the grant documents said they could unilaterally change the terms of your grant at any time, for any reason. In any case, somebody finding themselves in a situation such stock options if company acquired you describe and where the amounts are material should seek dompany advice.

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My Company Is Being Acquired: What Happens To My Stock Options? If you exchange stock options (in the selling company) for options in the acquirer.
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Apr 23, 2008  · company 's stock options when the company is acquired by either a private or of the acquired company 0.48 shares of.