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There are many who have made froex fortunes in forex. He supports ANC in many ways both financially and in-kind. Get your financial questions answered. You're about to be redirected We notice you're visiting us from a region where we have a local version of READ THIS ARTICLE ON. Stock and ETF markets. Opening of Demo account is the opportunity to trade in the Forex market without risk of losing own funds.

Ethiopian Entrepreneur Builds Sustainable Fashion Business Manufacturing Apparel In Africa. New SA Finmin Wants It Both Ways: Maintain Existing Programs And Redistribute Wealth. Uber Fighting On All Fronts In Africa As New Competitors Emerge. Opinion: Blockchain Could Make The Internet Of Intelligent Things Work For Africa. He co-founded Global Forex Institute to bring affordable, effective Foreign exchange training that works, to the South African masses.

As a young sa forex millionaires, Sandile Shezi took all the money given to him for tuition in a particular year and used it to trade on the foreign exchange market. His company is one of the best in forex training. He would take his tuition money and channel it muffins. He later used the money to trade in the stock exchange while still at school. Shezi says his company, Global Forex Institute Training, ultimate aim is not to make income but to help reduce unemployment in South Africa.

Most of the money they get is from trading and not training fees. He says by offering free training, he is giving back sa forex millionaires the society and helping the community. While Sandile Sa forex millionaires, took his entire savings and traded it online, he does not teach people to do the same thing. In his trainings he teaches people how to avoid risks by knowing how to trade, when and where and not placing all their savings in one trade.

He claims that he never took any course in Forex trading while there and that he learnt everything he knows about forex trading online. You have to want to succeed as much as you want to succeed. When business got sweeter and he was not selling muffins anymore, Shezi decided he could make more money by trading stocks and therefore dropped out of university to do that. His parents were furious and forced him to give up the venture. He later return to school and finish his studies but juggled the stock exchange on the side.

Shezi is one the most inspiring young men in South Africa and he is often invited to speak at schools and colleges. He supports ANC in many ways both financially and in-kind. He likes playing tennis and golf with his fellow business associates and friends during his spare time. He says the two games keep him entertained and focused. Sign up for the AFKInsider newsletter — the most compelling business news you need to know from Africa and the African diaspora, delivered straight to your inbox.

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