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Witter with them, handle the heat and tenderness intertwined with passion and eroticism! The leaked confidential Shell PowerPoints Presentation covering severance pay can be viewed in its entirety via this link: As if its not bad enough to endure the indignity of being made redundant after many years as a loyal employee — human sacrifice for the sake of the ill-fated BG Group takeover — Shell top is is now intent of robbing us of tax breaks. He wore a baseball cap and white socks throughout most of the action. We believe that for any elected Government, just like we have in Nigeria at the Federal level, there are two things to note. The Federal Government as led by President Buhari cannot do it alone.

I suspect a lot of folks are getting fed up with the hijacking of this site by Nigerian optomum who continually make false claims against Shell rather than pursue their own government. I guess Shell is the easy target. Most of the spills in Ogoniland have been created by the Nigerian folks drilling into pipelines and trying to steal oil and yet this is passed off onto Shell in an attempt to extort money from the corporate world. I wonder where that money would go to in any case.

Continual lengthy sermons are getting boring. The foorex cleanup of Ogoniland may save the land but many may never recover from grouup terminal diseases pervading Ogoniland and increasingly killing get forex trading signals people. German Geologist hired by Shell, Kay Lhd, has recently revealed Shell concealed data on the level of environmental contamination of Ogoniland. The company is largely irresponsible and will rather wish all Ogonis die.

I call this an Armageddon. Livelihoods have been destroyed and none will be compensated, Shell and the Nigerian government continue to launder their image with a lazy-loaded clean-up programme after many have died from heavy pollution and many currently suffer from terminal illnesses. Shell should have been ashamed of her actions in Ogoni and act quickly to address this mess.

Ogoni is faced with ultimate death. The story of the Ogoni should not be told about any civilized society. The world must continue to be made aware of the story of the Ogoni, a small minority that had been exploited to death by Shell. We will continue to prick the conscience of the world and highlight the injustices perpetrated against the Ogoni people until they are addressed.

We will not let Shell hide her crimes against the Ogoni people nor shall we be persuaded by political manoeuvres which do not address our concerns for a safe environment and our right to self-determination. About the Author: Fegalo Nsuke is Publicity Secretary of the Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People MOSOPHe wrote from Bori, Ogoniland. There is definitely a stench of discontent in the office where I work. Everyone I know has one eye on a new job and have accepted that.

The crown jewels are being sold to fund BG deal and pay dividends. It surprises me not that HR management like Mr Darcy are reading this. John you got any jobs going? Darcy is forex gratis deposit 2014 proud and arrogant man to whom those are lower classes than him.

Someone has a chip on their shoulder! Time to bring yourself down to earth and recognise what is really important to people. Keep the blog going Forex optimum group ltd baku. Its gives us an avenue straight to the top. Corrib Shell Police Corruption — If they ran for the hills I would question whether they had integrity at all. Sadly Shell never cleaned up the whole Corrib fiasco post takeover of Enterprise and continues to pay the price today.

As I pointed out the same corrupt management sycophants are put in charge of trouble projects as they will toe the party line grouup of actually fixing the problems. It was shocking and somewhat disgusting what happened to former allies. This is supported by numerous Shell People Surveys over many years where this has been raised as an issue time and again.

Like all large corporations Forex optimum group ltd baku is not interested in anything which disrupts the existing power structures and fiefdoms — though there are some places where the culture is a little more open. Those who do choose to speak out either get sanctioned via their IPS or CEP and are marginalised, while the sycophants and nepotists rise to the top to ingrain the culture. This has been particularly apparent since the merger with BG and optimuum message is Shell folk should be grateful that they have a job and should put up and shut up.

Rocking the boat on HSE, the pay freeze, filling of jobs with unqualified graduates or brown losers etc. Management have succeeded over a number of years in taking a once great company and turning it into a mediocre shadow of its former self characterised by mismanagement and poor strategic choices. This is a great shame as there are a lot of dedicated and talented employees across the company, though they do not stand a chance in a culture that does not reward competence but sycophancy.

John you know the shell machine is hurting when they desperately ask you to stop what youre doing! Spare a thought for us prisoners who have these people as our masters and have to jump on command or face HR death squad. Thanks for keeping us informed! Good health to you sir. You have many appreciative admirers. Clearly a downward trend.

You yourself have done well from it. Thanks for your comments. Good of you to create this sudden surge but seems rather counter-productive to your suggestion that it should be closed based on optimun lack of use. Hence my suspicion about your background and the integrity of your postings. We are used to regular DoS attacks and other covert fotex including by Shell.

Some people do not like what we are doing, yet keep returning, as you do. Your postings remind me of comments made long ago by Musaint and LondonLad who happened to be one and the same. A former senior Shell executive. Do the aliases seem familiar? If your objection is just the Shell Blog, then visit which does not have one. The way this is going, I am anticipating a complaint from Zik that you are hogging the forum.

I find I am visiting this site less and less due to lack of content. The website and the blog will remain as they have for over a decade, the leading source of Shell insider information for the mainstream news media and for all parties interested in Shell. Has this blog curled up and died? Why is it still nailed to its perch? Even Paddy Briggs has given up. Why do you want me to close down this free speech forum available to Shell griup and other parties interested in Shell?

It costs nothing and no one is compelled to look at it or post comments on it. Do you gtoup any chance have a connection with Shell management, which has tried very hard to close down this website? Our BVB in European stand with EU partner Ireland in maintaining the silence that binds the cover up of Shell Corporate Corruption with Irish police.

Justice Peter Charleton opens a public inquiry next week in Dublin Castle. He has total power to act as he sees fit. But like we said, the issues that have led to these oil production disruptions are obvious, however, the Federal Government and its Oil Corporation — NNPC, are busy beating around the bush, playing politics with these issues and dilly-dallying with the whole problem. And not all these, for instance, so called fact-finding visits and dilly-dallying by the Presidency to score cheap political points and make it look like they are doing something to address the Niger Delta situation.

What exactly are they looking for when all the issues are there for all to see. They should not use force or coercion to try to drive their business because this will be counterproductive, forex optimum group ltd baku has been seen in the past. Most of them have even had their rivers meant for fishing business polluted and damaged baki good due to oil and gas exploration and production activities.

So, the Federal Government and relevant authorities need to put themselves in our shoes to fully understand what we are saying here. These and many more are some of the issues that Government needs to start looking into. Shells Cop protecting Shell booze Cops just plumbed the depths to aid vilification of an honest man Irish press and be prepared to be disgusted Mr Van Beurden.

She also failed to address the Shell police alcohol despite another CS confirming the alcohol as factual. Only the NAM with the huge gasfields made far more money. Norway was a lot harder on the oil companies and kept most of the proceeds themselves. And if they can get a lot of money for it, it is a good time to leave the ship there, Maersk has little ideas how to go about milking the licence that was renewed a few years ago. They had mentally accepted the licence would come to an end when the old man Maersk McKinney Moller fixed an extension with the government.

You are totally right Bill. Brinded may not have benefited directly but the real question is whether he and other managers were mercilessly cracking the whip and conveniently turning gfoup blind eye. It is time that management are made accountable for their actions and to not allow them to ruthlessly pass responsibility to the foot soldiers. The latest blog on this website asks if there is any evidence that Brinded benefited personally from his role in the alleged fraudulent deal?

This we assume will come out in the wash if this affair lhd gets to trial. But whether he benifited personally or not is not the key issue at this stage but rather whether he was aware that the monies paid over by Eni and Shell were being directed, all or in part, to the private bank accounts of corrupt officials, and if so he, if this can be established by legal process, would be an accessory to such corruption.

Somebody made a massive design error. What is this about food items and magazines? Nothing better and more optimm to worry about? Life must be great. Be more like Exon! I wouldnt be surprised if Trump forces Shell to sell em here too. Ummmm… someone explain to me why Shell service stations in Netherlands and UK are selling hardcore porn mags? Shame on forez Shell! All seems a bit coincidental. Did that play have any bearing on his unexpected premature departure?

A colleague once told me I had to try at least one during my life. I got a plate with a full french loaf split open and I assume a kilo of fried garlic shrimps on top. I believe there was a leaf of lettuce too. Plus a pint of Coke. There were hugely fat americans who ate two of vorex things per day. Mankind never ceases to impress me. Can this be true? Description from Wikipedia Basically french fries with everything unhealthy you can imagine piled on top of it.

Said to taste fine after an evening hard drinking…. Paid her salary and nobody know why!!! She must have good connections somewhere!!! Recently,she was promoted the title of government relations manager of Iran. BUT she got the job!!! An obvious case of breach of so called Shell General Business Principals and nepotism!!! With such low activity levels due to the transition away from oil and gas, low oil price and smaller geographic focus of Shell one would have thought that these highly paid meeting organisers would face the chop rather than the people doing actual work.

It is sad to say but it seems BvB has truly lost the plot after such a promising start and now tries to dig himself out of his own hubris after so many poor choices prime of which is the overpaying for BG. I was wondering what happened to the peak oil predictions of RDS and the collection of genius boffins Shell had working the problem. They have all apparently gone by the wayside, been retired, or met with some similar fate.

I would recommend Shell senior leaders to have a close look who are leaving the business. Gfoup have an interesting factoid that ld readers might be interested in reading. What is my point? A second Irish Police Commissioner next week faces the very real possibility of dismissal because of her inability to control corruption in her force documented daily here.

She has chosen to remain stum on the demands of Shell CEO Terry Nolan to vendor to falsify a freely given statement pertaining to a criminal act in which a senior cop and Nolan played key rolls. Its best to let go experienced technical staff. When oil price recovers Shell is going to be very exposed with a lack of expertise. I wonder who were making the decisions about which staff to optimkm go, could it have been the SEG group?

Sorry Bill but LTIF and TRCF are things of the past. We have moved on from those long time ago. Those were probably correct in your day but times change and we now use more meaningful indicators for both process and personal safety. These include leading indicators as forex optimum group ltd baku as lagging indicators. The TRCF and LTIF are still used for comparison purposes with other industry participants but they remain only a small part of performance measurement.

When Baky first went to work for Shell many centuries ago ONE SHELL was the tallest building in Houston forex advisory Shell was a respected company. My,my, how things have changed. I applaud your bravery to stand up to the Shell bullies. Where are all the people that stood for something? Now staff are treated like numbers cattle with the constant threat of the sack hanging over them. Our prison comrades in Houston have had their cells taken away from them and condemned to home incarceration.

Someone mentioned core values. I fear a ban on using those words is not far away. RDS RIP So, its true. Its going to be brutal, we will no longer have desks but will be dynamically cointegration trading forex space. This whole treatment of staff is getting more like farm fed chickens every day.

RELATED ARTICLE: Shell safety chief urges industry not to get bogged down in KPIs. I am reminded of the world of Deepwater Horizon prior to the incident. Transoceanic staff were patting each other on the back at the time of the explosion for their sustained good performance re safety represented by the metrics of this KPI. This despite the installation being flooded with gas on several occasions in the optimhm prior to the incident, the fact that the medieval gas sensing system did not and could not take executive action, that the drill crew had never trained for a blowout type incident despite the previous drill kicks, and when it happened on the fateful day rather than maintaining well flow via the appropriate surge diverted sent it fatally to the mud treatment skid.

And it should come as no surprise that this van Beelen talked groyp common sense. I worked with his father and the stupidities by the drilling community in Alaska would simply not have occurred when he was head of Drilling! Shell appears to follow the rest of the society that has decided to get all professionals bogged down in filling in metrics rather than doing their job.

Only to allow the great many apparatchicks to write pompous reports and demand more monitoring! In the reaper forex robot reviews society followed Shell, times have changed. Recently in the corridors I heard one of those younger high flyers make a statement that the SVS is a great idea by Shell HR, to get rid of all deadwood and losers in the company.

Very sad indeed, as I grouo this person as one of the KPI-tigers in the company. Never a solution just numbers and pictures… Excellent speech lyd KPIs, glad to see some senior Shell folks still know what the business is about. Once again the mindless bureaucratic drones have taken over. It is a make work business to keep the trolls employed. Trying to find out about TA plans of Shell Pernis for this autumn, does anybody know if forex optimum group ltd baku are going to shut FCC or any of their CDUs any time soon?

It has been that way for decades, and it gets progressively worse as time passes. Corrib is not ltdd close. LondonLad how can you honestly grokp a comparison between badly treated staff and Greenpeace? Or all the oil spills? Where the forexx is the empathy? No doubt another HR or PR or is it CX person will write a reply protecting their masters! So I assume you are someone who has zero knowledge of the oil industry or its products?!?!

Do you drive a car? All of these and many many more things from optimmu daily lives rely on the oil industry and their products. It is dick-heads like you and Greenpeace who have virtually no idea about the oil industry. Why even John Donovan made a fortune out of optimhm with the oil industry until he fell out with Shell. Make your money and move on… treat them like they treat you — what have you forxe for me lately.

With respect to Oil, this is potentially twice. Read the article about energy storage revolution. This will drive opimum stake in the heart of the US coal industry, except for certain used and export, and it will drive natural gas prices into the ground. It will wallstreet forex robot download free prove a boon to hybrid vehicle technology, which will help cap the demand for liquid hydrocarbons for motor fuel.

Looks like the days of expensive oil maybe gone forever. Amused Non Expat — A bit surprised at your rationale. Because you perceive expats to be overpayed, it is ok for Shell HR to impose a new HYPOtax? Get groul wording, this is not a tax, it does not go to a government, will not go to funds to build schools, housing, healthcare. No this hypotax goes to Shell general funds who knows to pay the high dividends. I have been on both local and expat side, and agree Shell has been a good forex optimum group ltd baku as a whole, I just have issues with unscrupulous HR staff who trod decency so easily.

I know numerous staff who have been send to a location with certain promises, only to find out the reality is much less. If you work in HR, please do some self reflection on who in Shell actually earns your sandwich for you…. Sadly I do agree with Shareholder, that it appears this time around the smart people are cashing in on Shell, signs all around that the ship is aiming for big fprex.

To Amused non expat- am thinking you might know how much the redundancy payments are in cash terms to be able to comment…. Last time I checked, this is a forum for people to speak openly about ALL and ANY issues relating to Shell, whining or otherwise. Consider it cathartic for people to get it off their chest, and be included in conversation that creates a bit of camarardarie, lest it happen in the corridors of Shell. Not gloating at all, nor envious so nothing to let go.

Just pointing out reality which appears to have been overlooked by some folks. Optimjm the best of my knowledge I cannot recall anyone committing suicide over a redundancy but I may be wrong. To amused non expat. Envy of your fellow expats will eat away at you. And i advise you to not gloat at those about to lose their jobs expat or not.

People have been known to commit suicide over bsku life changing moments. A bit of dignity please. If Shell has really given you promises in contractual terms forxe you re very lucky. I opgimum disagree however that you would have been better off as a contractor, whose life and work is always at the will of the employing company and can be changed at a moments notice. Expats were immune from that exposure and you should be grateful for that.

At present i am on garden leave waiting for the redundancy paper work, and have been told that i will not have any real option of securing a position in my home country. One central theme to this is that the company would have my back and ensure that i would have a job when i came home. Part of the carrot associated with the sacrifice. Now, its just a numbers game. Tax equalization agreements in my contracts covered taxes while in overseas locations.

I agree that the current approach could be considered fair and just, but not when the terms and conditions and HR staff always stated i would always have a job at home after my opttimum years of service in remote locations. Anyone who worked in Nigeria, Oman, Brunei, Malaysia, Thailand, China for long periods of time much of it away from friends and family will understand. We have been shafted. It would live forex quotes fxstreet been better to be a contractor for hire over this period, as forex optimum group ltd baku have had been able to just walk away from assignments, work for Exxon or BP for a stint and come back to packages often better than staff.

With the expectation that staff will be protected, contractors are just hire and fire. Heaven forbid you or a family member get sick… How many cancer deaths have left the families with extremely difficult repatriation, and much smaller sums than promised? I for one will now go back to being a contractor, lots of our suppliers and service companies will be paying top money when the pendulum swings, and shell will have only the people who can not cut in the real world left.

I find it amusing that we have highly over paid Expats now whining about having to pay tax on what will be considerable redundancy payments. Just remember that a lot of the redundancy payments are WELL in excess of statutory minimums and are ex gratis payments and can be taken away at a moments notice. Most of you have had a good ride on the gravy train but the train is about to hit the buffers. Time to step off and walk away.

Optimuum about unscrupulous HR careerists being again in charge of the current downsizing operation. Groyp they understand or do they care when they are cutting too deep into the framework of technical expertise and loyalty that used to be the foundation of The Company and the envy of its competitors? Do they really know for sure that the oil price will stay low for longer? I am so sad to hear of the crappy treatment of former colleagues. So much for the Shell People Survey or safety culture.

I am relieved to have retired early. You Can Be Sure of Shell screwing over their staff. Shame on you Shell. Looks like this rabble of attack dog lawyers, HR and their masters make Phil Watts look like a saint!!!!! Former Shell: Most of my career with Shell I have worked in countries where no income tax is paid. Midway my career Shell introduced the baky.

They claim this is for equal treatment. Well, had I worked in the Netherlands I would have build my AOW, I would have participated in tax free saving schemes, free house loans try to get a mortgage as expatetc. This equal treatment argument by Shell is just another way of getting half back of a bonus, reward, severance scheme, etc.

Nothing fair about it. HR is charged, it seems, with getting rid of staff the most cheap way. Many expats are half the cost of regular Dutch staff to get rid off. Who still looks at competence these days…… Count me in guys! What happened to People Values? HR Shell are the biggest whores of all. No principles, a bit like the hired guns of the wild west. If you are looking for a good law firm to take a legitimate case pro-bono you might try the law firm of Mayer Brown. They have fored London office.

It is a good law firm and they do a fair amount of pro-bono work, but you need forex trading in tamil youtube have a good case. Until then, basically what happened if you were made redundant in a host country, you could in some cases get payment tax free. Forex optimum group ltd baku reality is that there is still real money going through payroll, and so tax is really payable with the exception of tax free countries and Shell used to pay that for staff.

John Donovan- do you opimum any lawyers who are willing to do any pro-bono work for the issues we are all raising here regarding taxes, dodgy reorganisations, unethical practices? Do get the feeling that Shell has shown its Achilles heel and needs to be exploited whilst the issues at stake are fresh and forefront of affected employees. Police Alcohol and Extraordinary gifting on Corrib. Michiel Brandjes gave OSSL tea and buns and a hearty congratulations on achieving a one on one resolution meeting with BVB …still waiting for the meeting …men of integrity?

Amen to that Regular Browser. I hate to say it but the show is about to come to an end for this arrogant dinosaur. Surely there MUST be something we can do about this? Forex optimum group ltd baku from thieving of government taxes, I heard that the reorg in Rijswijk had hit a wall after a group of Employees got it halted on grounds of it not following the established process. Somebody ought to be having a field day regarding the legality of this reorg- it defies belief.

I feel sorry for the people who will be left working for this monster. GET OUT institutional trading strategies forex, whenever you can. It would take extraordinary publicity and public pressure to get anyone to pay attention and given that these payoffs forex optimum group ltd baku with the tax theft are out of the realm lfd possibility for forec of the opyimum there is likely to be little sympathy.

Even Deloitte is culpable in the way it prepares tax returns to benefit Shell. My personal fofex is that although sad the ones that can get out with any kind of payment are opttimum better off outside of what is clearly becoming a sinking behemoth that will realise too late the value that many of those it is shedding bring to the company — all of whom have largely been sacrificed on the optikum project that is the overpriced BG acquisition and the reluctance to accept that the days of high oil price at least stable bakku sustained are over.

Do note that you can appoint your own tax representative to file your tax returns rather than Deloitte, making Shell chase you for payments rather than the otherway around. A few weeks ago opti,um were some posts about Shell pocketing the tax relief of those taking the severance package. I had expected a bit more comments on this? Is the principle of tax not that it goes to the government? Since when do we allow companies to impose their own tax? Apart from the unfairness to the employees who worked for this and made sacrifices, it feels incorrect and arrogant.

Tax should go to the government and tax relief to the person who is entitled to it. It should not be allowed to be taken away by unscrupulous HR staff. If there is a reader here who works for the government tax department please raise this with your employer UK, Holland, …. I bet that each severance employee rather pays tax to his government than to Shell.

BVB please note three top irish bankers sent to jail today for corporate corruption, will the unfinished business of Shells CEO Nolan demanding lies and statement falsification to obstruct justice put policemen in jail as well? BvB is definitely not an idiot. He should though stay away from gambling after making a spectacularly bad bet on BG. The consequences of his ill-fated gamble caused distress to the many thousands who have flrex for the bad bet with foerx jobs.

BvB will still earn millions despite his miscalculation over the controversial deal. Further proof that he is not an idiot. Peter Robins, do you actually work for Shell or just looking from the outside as some of your facts are so wrong its laughable. BvB is far from an idiot, he is managing one of the worlds largest companies in a period of low oil prices whilst balancing a mega takeover.

In my opinion, and many others opinions, he is doing a great job considering. I got a kick out of the photo with the Shell oil logo giving the world the middle finger. Someone has a sense of humor. This incident is very regularly referred to by senior management in global talks to staff at the same level of detail as other serious incidents that happen. Teach these leaders a lesson. Having got that wrong, the rest of what you say loses credibility.

Get the facts forex weekly trading system, please. Read the article about RDS looking for gravity waves. It too was focused on the hunt for gravity waves. Shell not only greedy but discriminate racially between Asian and European works with corex to severance pay. Since in Asia Shell has started business in some countries only a decade ago, this severance pay comes only a few months salary for staffs of those countries.

Time has come Shell should start cut jobs from top which is not done till forex optimum group ltd baku. By cutting a few lower rank jobs company will not benefit as saving will not be substantial. But since this will involve the pay of the CEO, he will never agree with this and continue his drive from bottom. Even as racial overtures, highly paid expats are not being touched only local employees are being targeted in Asia where severance package is also poor compared with Europe.

This was inevitable after discrimination and rigid attitude of Shell management of only targeting lower rank staffs and their benefits without touching senior staffs. Discrimination between region to region in severance pay bakuu making staffs boil and other staffs will also go forex optimum group ltd baku strike after North sea. RDS is stealing from its laid off employees.

That is so much how RDS operates. What an ethical crew. What a great company to work for. All I hear is raspberries. The leaked confidential Shell Fordx Presentation covering severance pay can be viewed in its entirety via this link: As if its not bad enough to endure the indignity of being made redundant after many years as a loyal employee — human sacrifice for the sake of the ill-fated BG Group takeover — Shell top is is now intent of robbing us of tax breaks.

How low can you get? The respect I once had for BvB has completely evaporated after this disgusting machination on tax grokp meant for innocent victims of his power play for BG Group. Whilst you and I might agree on the fallacy of some of the choices made he is not an idiot and is responding on the counsel of his EC. We might also agree on the unfairness in relation to the packages being offered but like it or not Shell like anyone else is a business it does not exist to be charitable.

Part of the reason the Dutch terms are so generous is due to the lobbying of the staff unions — something which could also be done in other locations if there was the energy and commitment to do so. I would point out that many locations are being offered much more than what the law requires which, for all its faults, is a credit to the company as it is going beyond what its legal requirements are. I would also point out the axe is falling disproportionately to the BG employees, so whilst anyone losing their job is a tragedy particularly in this environment some people are feeling more pain than others.

The unfortunate fact is that the majority of the EC and higher management are wedded to a world of higher rents which oil and gas affords them. The business is not structured culturally to lgd the much lower returns that other avenues offer. It is regrettable that the company does not have the vision to see past short term forex optimum group ltd baku goals but the blame there also lies with the institutional shareholders whose indifference contributes to the impasse.

The BG deal, whilst hideously overpriced, is the right strategy in the very near term to shore up that high rent behaviour but I will agree that over the long term it will seem like a less sensible decision. Five years down the line, the decision of van Beurden to take over BG will be considered as blunder by his predecessors like he is doing now. Why expats are not losing jobs inspite of non-productive and costly.

He ensured to cut jobs from higher rank targeting the costly employees of costly countries and ring fenced cheap country staffs. But this Shell management is too busy to save their own jobs than thinking of company benefit. This management also doing racial discrimination in paying severance package among employees of Europe and Asia.

Let us fofex how long these management can save their jobs through such corrupt exercise. The recent example of such discrimination is their severance package offer for their Netherlands staffs and Indian staffs. Governed by strict Govt. Troup our drive to denounce such hegemony by an international company of civilized world. With poor management, rampant corruption and racism this is inevitable within short time.

The situation of low crude price is being handled by Shell management shabbily. They are trying to show the shareholders action by cutting jobs in thousands, but actually the job cuts are not being done without any rational or transparent manner to reduce cost and enhance efficiency. When costly expat employees are being retained due to their skin colour, cheap and efficient local employees are being targeted.

With such poor management the fate of the company is known to world. The oil and share price are both rising. The more things change the more they stay the same. Now RDS has decided to get in bed with Putin and his gang of goons. As per them it is illegal in India to cut job because of less work. Relieved, with so much emphasis put on self serving careerist moves and ensuring their high CEP there is no time for forward planning or thinking.

The model for progression does not allow for dissenting views — something not unique to Shell forex kurs usd pln big oil. It does an enormous amount of discredit to the competent and smart people working to make the company better but they certainly do not have the management and executives they deserve. Shell plans to dump assets at a time when the price it will get for those assets will be quite low.

So much for management foresight. So finally the US staff are falling in line. CEO who demanded the lies to save a top cops bacon departed as the youngest retiree from a Shell Directorship ever. No wonder so many of us work from home. How can we attract the bright young stars if all you offer them is half a desk if they get to work early? My Shell friends, despair not.

Ye who have little faith. The real job otpimum are to come. This is the calm before the storm and then the HR mafia will target the pay heavy workers. But dont expect the HR net to catch the rubbish workers. They always slip thru the net due to friends in the ktd places and long tongues. Sack the lot of them Benny van Beurden and watch the shareprice rise as fast as a butt kissers CEP. It is cosmetic with respect to cost reduction as local staffs are the cheapest among all other regions and country.

In India there is no protection from their corrupt Govt. India base country staffs are cheapest among whole Shell with respect to salary and benefit thanks to low Indian Rupee exchange rate with dollar. In face for India it is naked racism is being followed for job cut. The reason given of BG integration or lower for longer groyp price is a fake eye wash.

Forget the hogwash about renewables, my guess is that the dividend is definitely going to get grpup. The cat is now out of the bag!! Renewable energy sources mean the end to BIG OIL. Well, almost the end. Apparently RDS finds climate warming, and its consequences the only acceptable option. I forex optimum group ltd baku, what would the world do without BIG OIL and the corruption it breeds???

Paul Goodfellow is a pure genius. I mean who else could come up with this brilliant strategy!! How much is he paid? Incompetent American managers Houston based such as J. Stoyko are in the process of destroying Shell Canada. Our news boss, Culpepper, is the ex head of HR in the USA who has already shown his ineptitude by spending large amounts of money on putting workers into cubes which most of us hate.

When he arrived in SIEP he told us that Shell had the best resourcing system in the world. And he was right. He loves travelling in style and surrounding himself with sycophants. He reminded me most of the evangelist Billy Graham, with the difference that Hofmeister was a complete windbag claiming to be an Amish.

An insult to the Amish! Read the article on Hofmeister. But then he did not grow up in the oil industry. Before his stint at Shell USA he was a Human Resources professional in the aerospace industry. He should have stayed there. The staff hide behind this and have been immune to cuts and redundancy despite being grossly over staffed with bauk job group people. This will hopefully come home to roost soon as they start to fight opitmum themselves to make the savings in the centre as there is nothing else left.

Oh yes, that article by Prabhat Sakhya is probably one of the best examples of lazy journalism I have seen for a long time. His prediction of the demise of Shell and BP is laughable as it is based on just two consecutive periods when the oil prices has floundered. Of forex optimum group ltd baku it does come from the aptly named Motley Fool. We all know what kind of management RDS has. This is no secret and RDS employees live with this fact everyday.

Staff is a disposable asset to be managed in the most profitable manner possible. All RDS employees are expendable, it is simply a matter of who goes first. NL staff get much more employment protection than UK staff, hence UK staff get laid off first. Interested to know if any current Shell employees have picked up on the unfair approach to the current reorganisation.

So much so, that impacted employees are being ltv to second guess whether they need to apply for jobs in their base countries or to stick tight and see out the brutal and unfair approach to reducing staff numbers in their current host countries. What gets me is the fact that Shell talks about being a global organisation yet works very much to a local agenda- presumably because of the various employment laws which are stronger in the westernised world contrasting with the slacker legislation in others which make it cheaper in grohp long run to fire staff.

I wonder how long it took the bean counters to work that one out? Well, management changed and guess what? Someone sold new senior management a bill of goods and here Shell is once again, i. Anyone want to try this a third time lyd Where did all the money go? You do the math. It is very clear that almost everyone on Torex would prefer to walk than to get into that glorified Fisher Price car. I find it ludicrous that with all the brainpower in Amsterdam and Rijswijk focussed on such a product the best they could come up baki was, as you put it the glorified Smart Car with a fisher price paint job that still for some flabbergasting reason runs on Petrol despite the fact that there is no city on Earth pushing for this type of car that is not anything other than electric.

Shell is in total denial about the disruptions it is facing, I think the axe should be swung higher up the food chain than the poor folks in The Hague, Rijswijk, Reading, London, Aberdeen, Houston, Calgary and Perth who optium currently facing an uncertain future. That was a pure foorex against the Nigerian government from what I can tell. Could we persuade you to be shorter or give us a forez to your blog?

Did you mention Shell at all? With the prevailing harsh economic realities facing the Nigerian economy due to the free fall of oil price in the global market, which has practically affected every sector of the country, there is need for more attention to be diverted to the development of other energy sources to revitalize the energy industry. Unfortunately, not much has been witnessed in this direction in terms of developing it to what it should be.

Natural gas fuels power stations for electricity supply, heats buildings and is used as a raw material in many consumer products, such as those made of traditional plastics. But despite its importance, the Nigerian Government over the years has not been given natural gas development in the country the rightful attention it deserves. Nigeria is reputed to be the largest gas-flaring country in the world.

They promised to put in these basic criteria on how they are going to operate bauk they would expect everybody who is working for them to operate in a transparent, ethical manner. The Federal Government as led by President Buhari cannot do it alone. And with his Team, they have commenced looking at the development of Fuko Marginal Oil Field in Akwa Ibom State, which everybody thought it was Oil but it turned out to be Gas. The Uquo Gas processing Plant and Gas Sale Contract is said to serve five customers, the main customer being the Ibom and Calabar IPP Generation Stations belonging to NDPHC, as well as Ggroup Cement Factory of Lafarge, and Notore Fertilizer Plant in Rivers State.

We believe that for any elected Government, just like we have in Nigeria at the Federal level, there are two things to note. That Government has to take care of the majority that elected them into office, but they also have to take care of the minority, who may not have agreed with them, but they are still part and parcel of the country and optimu believe their needs must be addressed.

As rightly noted by Alhaji Engr. There are some highlights, but then if you notice, there has been an appreciable lack of investments in exploration and operations, so our reserves are going down. This is to ensure that option trading platform comparison understands that there is something in it for them, and you need to be able to address the various issues in a multi-faceted way.

People forget that the President was the Minister of Petroleum in Nigeria when the Kaduna and Warri Refineries were forex optimum group ltd baku, and all these Depots, including the Atlas Cove were built. He was there as Minister when the product delivery pipelines, including the Gas line from Ode to Ajaokuta were built. So you are talking forex optimum group ltd baku someone who is relatively conversant with the energy industry and I believe it will not be difficult to convince him on what needs to be done, how it can be put in place and how it can be measured.

So you need to give a clear transparent system that would allow that money to move, you need to have credible and bankable projects. By the grace of God, he did it. Regrettably, he was no longer there to articulate and move on the plans. So new actors came and they moved from where he left and started putting in power stations that were created. Unfortunately, we got bogged down in what I call lack of the institution that I have mentioned, lack of clarity and all those things I mentioned earlier.

Because we are not funding the JVs who are supposed to deliver the gas for what they are asking, we were never able to deliver the gas correctly at the right time to meet demands for the power stations and other industrial needs. So when we had built the power stations, we suddenly realized that we did not have enough gas supply to feed it, we also suddenly realized that we did not have the transmission system on the ground to take power out of that generating station to the public and we put in a lot of money and others and because of dislocation, dare I say some unethical practices, they were never delivered according to agreed plans.

So that lack of consequence management caused great harm forex optimum group ltd baku actually led to corruption. A lot of people took money and never delivered anything, it is true. So what we should do is that whenever we are building the next set of power plants, we should carefully plan to address all the needs and make sure that resources are not only budgeted, but they are allocated to cover what would bring those systems into production in time. The people need to recognize that you cannot make all the ktd everybody wants with the flip of a switch.

It takes time, it takes efforts, and it takes constant invigoration for people to understand. Yes, this is what you said you would do and this is what you are doing. Anything that is outside it, we should come back to the true path we have set for ourselves. People would have to also realize that those who are there now are Nigerians. This is a forex optimum group ltd baku crucial point. But gas is still being flared up to date. Seriously, these figures and estimates of what Nigeria is loosing as a result of the gas being flared daily and not utilized, is more than enough to make any purpose-driven government to promptly take proactive steps to reverse and address the situation in the interest bkau the Nigerian common citizenry.

We can imagine the disparity. Despite the penalties, oil and gas operators have continued to flare gas and regulators seem to have looked away. To this end, efforts should be made to harmonize and reconcile domestic gas pricing across markets in Nigeria while seeking ways to attract and sustain foreign investments and funding for gas infrastructure especially for the improvement of gas to power in Nigeria. Optiimum, stakeholders in the industry are daily crying shortage of gas supply for domestic, industrial and power generation usage.

How can we be crying shortage of what the country has in abundance in reserve? The baky squarely lies with the country not giving gas development and utilization the rightful attention it needs. Perhaps, this explains why International Oil Companies IOCs like Shell are investing more in natural gas as they are divesting from their crude oil assets in Nigeria and other countries.

The importance of Gas development cannot be overemphasized. As environmentally friendly and efficient energy source, fored gas is lighter than air, colorless, odorless and tasteless. For this reason, odorant is added to the gas to make it noticeable and objectionable for safety reasons. Natural gas can be compressed and, therefore, transmitted in large quantities through relatively small pipe diameters when under high pressure. Most grid peaking Power Plants and some off-grid engine-generators use natural gas.

Natural gas burns more cleanly than other Hydrocarbon fuels, such as oil and coal, and produces less carbon dioxide per unit of energy released. Natural gas is also used in the manufacture of fabrics, glass, steel, plastics, paint, and other products. We can imagine the enormous employment opportunities available in this sector if given the proper attention.

With all of this at the back of our mind, we can therefore understand the need for the Federal Government to focus more attention towards gas development in the country. There is a need for President Forez to greatly improve on this, particularly in the area of Gas Development and Production. But let us bear in mind that the increase in the production of crude oil means there will be an increase in the production of Associated Gas AG as well.

As we know, crude oil comes with gas, hence it is called Associated Gas. The gas is actually in two forms: Associated Gas AGwhich is either dissolved in and is involuntarily produced with oil, or lying on top of oil in a combined oil and gas reservoir. The other is Non-Associated Gas NAGwhich comes from reservoirs containing gas only. But increase in the production of NAG, means there will be increase in the production of Condensate. The question has been how Nigeria should utilize the AG currently being flared.

On gas flaring, there were some major efforts by IOCs like Shell SPDC to reduce gas flaring in the country to the barest minimum, as you cannot really eliminate gas flaring completely. Some of forex optimum group ltd baku options for Associated Gas utilization as planned by Shell, for instance include the Optinum into reservoirs, fuel for industries, fuel for power generation, Compressed Natural Gas CNG for vehicular and other uses, Extraction and bottling of LPG constituents for commercial consumption, Feedstock for Industry, Liquefied Natural Gas for export, etc.

But that remains to be seen. It simply does not make sense. In fact, one is forced to ask what the NGC is doing as a subsidiary of the Nigerian National Lyd Corporation NNPCin the development of natural gas in the country. Despite their inactiveness in gas development and transportation, the same crops of leaders in the NGC are still allowed to remain for several decades now.

On several occasion, we gfoup advocated for the complete scrapping of the NGC and the liberalization of the gas sector to allow investors to come in. The Federal Government must completely scrap the NGC in order to improve in the development of gas and its utilization in the country. The NGC can be done away with because they are just a Marketing Company that sells the gas produced by IOCs and the NPDC. There is need for the Federal Government to allow IOCs and other oil and gas companies producing the gas to sell same directly to the end users.

NGC does not play any role in the production of the natural gas produced in the country. The IOCs and JV partners have the capacity and capability to build gas infrastructures for this purpose. The crux of the matter is that there is need for the government to put in more effort and focus in the development of natural gas for domestic and export purposes. For instance, the seeming low level of utilization of cooking gas across the nation can be effectively addressed with the formulation of a policy by the Federal Government that will serve as road map for the next five years.

He maintained that with the abundant natural gas resources in the country the nation should become one of the highest users of LPGs as cooking fuel with all its attendant benefits. This should be done the same way the Federal Government has a PSC signed agreement with the Shell Nigeria Exploration and Production Company SNEPCO in the crude oil sector. So that the investors in the gas sector, will have the leverage to harness, develop and distribute gas for both Power utilization and industries in terms that will benefit them and all-and-sundry.

It is high time the Federal Government under President Muhammadu Buhari takes concrete steps in the gas sector that would promote gas utilization in Nigeria as a cheaper, more reliable fored cleaner fuel alternative and feedstock. We ask that the right things should be done. And a very dangerous mega-barge. Is quite applicable in this case.

Are any of us really surprised at optimumm of this??? Mole — big deal. Come into the real world son. This is an Anglo Dutch Company, you should respect its roots and heritage, it is not North American. All the historisk valutakurs forex folks have been pushed aside. Shell Canada has lost all control and decision powers to the incompetent folks in Houston. Houston is led by a POSSY of folks like LE HAYES and LEBETTER that are no more than incompetent managers grojp to collect a PAY CHECK.

In the meantime they slash and brun smart CANADIAN employees and move jobs to incompetent USA staff that just happen to be forex optimum group ltd baku friends and former Military supporters. Shell the target of a corruption probe? Say it is not so! What is this world coming to! Santa Claus is dead. The inhumanity of it all! Since expenditure at this level must have required the approval of the EC it will be interesting to see whether Shell will let us know which members of the EC were responsible for approving the scam.

Shell Canada is in final talks with potential suitors for its Retail Gas Stations. Would like to add to the good post from relieved. I feel going forward that the biggest technical obstacle limiting the high side of oil prices may well be oil fracking. Presumably Shell and Inpex were hoping to offload the Prelude vessel onto the Indonesians.

The industry is beginning to face the inevitable consequences of the advance in new technologies and those are inevitably going to have a very large impact on the long term future of the oil industry. We have not yet reached the time when oil and coal are no longer the economic kings that fuel our economies, but we are getting there, and at a rapidly increasing pace. Talking up the market optimu, obviously a cheap strategy.

But it is also a dangerous one that could potentially backfire on Russia and OPEC if it doesn t lead to actual changes in supply. Well from the outside it looks like Marvin was moved on. The Hague got control back and Upstream Americas as was is confined to the history books. I gruop expect to see more job losses in the rest of Shell now as the BG ooptimum takes hold with more and more central management from the Dutch staff who are all high performers of course.

Your posts are far too long to read especially in the column format. Please give us the shorter version and you may get more support. Hence, we do not see the reason for the so called shut down of operations by its workers. This was also highlighted by the Minister of State for Petroleum Resources and GMD NNPC, Mr. The principle of restructuring approved by the President is that nobody losses work. I do not have everyone gets busy, unless for reasons of bad staff performance and fraud.

There is no mass attempt to let people go. The only way to baki that objective, the Minister said, was to create jobs for everybody in the system to enable him has something doing. We want everybody to get busy and earn money. With this understanding, it is plainly seen that what the Federal Government want is to do in the NNPC with this restructuring, is to make more effective, proactive, efficient and functional.

So we do not understand why there appears to be so much discontent amongst workers of the oil corporation. As far as we are forex optimum group ltd baku, all those kicking against the restructuring of the NNPC as planned by the Federal Government, are doing so for their own selfish interests and optjmum in the interests of the plebeians common masses and the Nigerian economy. This includes the Petroleum and Natural Gas Senior Staff Association of Nigeria PENGASSANand the Nigerian Union of Petroleum forex optimum group ltd baku Natural Gas Workers NUPENGwho are the two major unions in the oil and gas sector in Nigeria.

For PENGASSAN, they have argued that the union was not carried along in the decision to split the company. While for NUPENG, they said the union would not accept the decision without knowing how the manpower that would operate in the restructured units would be managed. We believe these are flimsy excuses used by these unions to justify their strike action. With the explanations given by the Presidency about its plans for engaging in the said NNPC restructuring in the first place, any sane industry player in sector should back the government efforts and not make things worse with a strike action.

Also, must these unions use strike actions to communicate their grievances towards the government? Hence, these set of people are using the NNPC workers to frustrate the plans of the President who is trying to address the loopholes in the industry. And the fact lt they moved oil fkrex into downstream packages up that business nicely. It was a long time coming for him now, however I would think he struck a rather nice deal for himself and receives his full pension when leaving the company.

Shell usually does that with top brass who are nearing retirement age. Relieved — have you read the reports? Baiu I think your theory is flawed. If you look at the facts of his tenure then he should have been brought to task years ago. Maybe his links to the White House kept him in power but the Americas were out of control with their spending. No, Marvin FINALLY got called out griup his incompetence. I cannot think of a single executive offhand who willingly got off the gravy train before their time regardless of what Corporates press writers spin.

The interesting thing will be to see how many of his equally culpable lieutenants particularly in commercial follow him to the exit as the BG merger progresses. It is my guess that Marvin Odum is retiring because he has reached a mandatory retirement age for senior bamu. At last, a CEO that has the balls and guts to make decisions. Looks like US is c est quoi stock options to get a long overdue shake up and clean out under AB.

Should have been sacked after the Kulluk incident. Wasted billions of dollars and should be hauled before the shareholders to explain where the money went. Apart from sponsoring sporting events in the US. The result of this is that The Hague finally gets to control the Americas operations under Andy Brown, something forex optimum group ltd baku has been trying to do ever since Voser gave it away. Strange move to put a farmer from Alabama in as Country Chair, he has a hard act to follow with Marvin and Hoffmeister both were polished and impressive in public.

Bruce is more like the Borat version, just hope he polishes those cowboy boots. Shell are seeking a clear picture from the old guard on Corrib regarding the OSSL claims of police alcohol. For their part senior police are now asking serious questions of the remaining named policemen guards implicated in the alcohol accusations. RDS is looking froup selling off Canadian downstream assets retail, distribution terminals in order to fund the BG takeover cash crunch.

Looks like Marvin Odum was stripped of key responsibilities and placed in a lame Role. Ironically he will have to clean up the messes he left in Alaska and Unconventionals. A bit of Karma, but he should no longer be on the payroll after all his major mistakes. Presumably the taxes previously paid by BG will now go to the Dutch government too? The sale of US natural gas to Europe is all about sticking grup the eye of Mr. Putin has had a bad habit of using gas supplies to extort the EU into giving him what he wants.

However, this exportation of US gas will not last forever and the EU needs to get off the dead rear ends and develop their own resources. The Shell Business principles have always been a cornerstone of the principles by which we work and now we find Ben and his cohorts have not paid any Corporation tax in the UK. Simon Henry, as a British citizen you must be ashamed if this is just slightly true, if not get the lawyers to issue statements and put the Sunday Times in its place.

SHELL CANADA employees are being forced to take a pay cut and shed vacation days while colleges in the USA keep on rolling with no change. Once again CANADIAN employees are treated like second class slaves by the USA masters. It is about time that Shell CANADA separate from the USA and chart its own destiny. Shell USA are a bunch of racist pigs! Corrib has had five CEOs …that signed letters as Managing Director.

Two contrasting views on Corrib Gas published by your paper makes interesting reading:. The Pro Gas Mayo group has three or four members, none of them living in the vicinity to the terminal or gas pipeline which may explain why safety issues did not arise for them. Cafferty seems not to be aware that Corrib Gas Partners can sell their share of gas to whomever they wish but not the Irish Nation.

Once Corrib gas is forec into the Bord Gais gas network it can be sold by way of sale, gas swap and virtual trading — even outside of Ireland. Just because the terminal is in Ireland does not guarantee security of gas supply to Irish customers. Time will tell how much Ireland will have lost. I rather agree with the British Engineers — Corrib Gas is a story of how not to undertake a development. If it is left to Mr. As far as I remember from my days in Shell and MD was not a CEO.

Bottom line remains that thankfully for the vast majority of local and no doubt national folk the project has gone ahead for the benefit of all. Witness the Alaska debacle. In the long run this merger may prove to be quite profitable. Corrib has had five CEOs. A statement fforex itself, London Lad. These people need to get into the real world for the sake of their children and grandchildren.

Maybe they want to run the country on potato fuel as the green alternative? Many of the problems which have been documented on this site highlight the shortcomings inherited from Enterprise. Though this restriction could give a major debacle in my effort to expose SHELL and the SCP symbiotic relationship, this incident in fact gave me a major victory in the sense that my campaign had yielded a remarkable psychological advantage. It got my needed media attention. I hope the Supreme Court move quick not to lock me up but to institute the much needed reform to effectively rid out inefficiency, incompetence, gross inexcusable negligence and corruption in the judiciary and the whole government machinery optimym the Filipino people dreamed of in a long time.

These WIPRO, ACCENTURE AND IBM companies including its PMO staff must be fired immediately to save future investments on business improvements. Lptimum must have job cuts with immediate affect by giving Pink slips to all Contractors of Forex optimum group ltd baku, IBM and Accenture including all PMO Staff. As one of the many let go by Shell in the recent cull in November I was not impressed by the way senior leaders clung to their jobs.

This is now going to get even worse in my opinion as Shell announces fforex job losses. Even the inmates will be turning on optimhm other as there is nobody left in the asylum and yet strangely the senior leaders still remain in place. The same senior leaders who got us into this mess seem to think they opyimum the best to get Shell out of it.

Good luck boys, its great watching from the outside for a change. This low oil price is yet another blip in the oscillation of oil price. Optijum far as I am concerned the purchase of BG naku a good deal. Exxon next purchase for Mr. RE:Drum Major — Whilst crazy days may indeed be ahead of us this whiplash and it will be a whiplash in the price of oil is not good for anyone.

The shakeout will prove to be interesting. Strange that Fored pulls bku of a ADNOC gasproject but continues with the BG deal if the shareholders allow it. More gas, more reserves, growing market, prices will increase, shift towards gas, etc etc. And with Prelude coming along, I worry that in this depressed market there will be tremendous costcutting. This is always good as long as it does not involve cutting corners.

But who can guarantee this?? The forex optimum group ltd baku on the top of Shell must be significant judging from their forced smiles! So Relieved, whilst not as useful an empty steel oil drum is worth as much as a full one. Crazy days ahead, oil shares should be sold now. Steel is not cheap anymore. Try the web for better listings. John Donovan, perhaps readers in the know could tell us how much does a steel barrel for oil cost and at what point will the barrel be ofrex more than the oil?

Thanks for your great site. To Old EP Hand: Yes, conventional oil and gas hroup be here for a good long time. It is a matter of economics. The price can supposedly only go down. It is strange to hear first hand reports from the field that suggest the opposite: production supposedly collapsing due to a lack of well maintenance and field development. Oil price rises may be much nearer than some of the traders are assuming… Hello Relieved.

Just check out this presentation on Ted talks. The green maffia is trying to scare everyone into paying more taxes so they can have more green conferences in nice places and pontificate. But these facts stand in the way so they are being ignored by this same mafia, most liberal media and other fast talking moviestars or politicians.

Oil and gas is precious and we should not squander it. Grpup it will be around for forxe considerable time! So, not only does the oil industry face a glut of supply it faces the advance of technology that is radically improving consumption efficiency. That translates into lower demand or, in the near term, declining demand for crude.

It will increase, no doubt, but the rate and the degree of increase may not be what Shell wishes it to be. The author of this comment is Fegalo Nsuke, publicity Secretary of The Movement lhd the Survival fotex the Ogoni People MOSOP. The situation in Ogoni is very pathetic. Pain, anger, frustration, sicknesses, malnutrition and poverty are dominant with no signs of relief.

The memories of state-sponsored persecution live with us and successive governments continue to prosecute the optikum of hatred against the Ogoni. The people have been underestimated, considered to be small and weak and adjudged incapable of any negative impact on the economy. This contemplation has empowered our tormentors to unleash bauk most inhuman treatment on the Ogoni. The right to self-determination enjoyed by the majority ethnic groups in Nigeria is denied the Ogoni.

Ogoni is not cared for, denied every thing enjoyed by the majority ethnic groups in Nigeria and subjected to the most inhuman conditions that assure them of no future. Death is for Nigeria, the sure end of the Ogoni. Nigeria did nothing to address the issues and a series of protests from the Ogoni were to follow. Thousands killed, women raped, children killed forex optimum group ltd baku abused, thousands imprisoned and living conditions only get worse.

The UNEP report represented the first major success for the Ogoni as a scientific study by an independent body justifying the complaints of environmental damage leveled against The Lttd Petroleum Company. Prior to this report, Shell had persistently claimed innocence of any wrongdoing in Ogoni. Over four years later, the Nigerian government is yet to implement the report. The non-implementation of the UNEP report on Ogoniland points the fact that the Nigerian government is indeed committed to the systematic destruction of Ogoni.

MOSOP has spoken the minds of the Ogoni people. A people with no other alternative but to march against genocide and confront a seemingly insensitive Nigerian government. Ogonis cannot wait to see everyone die before they move to save and secure their future. We have a responsibility to stop the genocide! Ogonis will consider occupying the oil and gas free zone, seaports and refineries endlessly until we are heard.

We will come out with our foodstuffs, cloths and take over these territories to force the Nigerian government to act now. The time to act is now. The Nigerian government has to address the Ogoni problem, beginning with the cleanup of the environment. Author: Fegalo Nsuke is publicity Secretary of The Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People MOSOP. Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corporation SHELL greed and unlawful endeavor extend even to the point of robbing employee retirement pay by circumventing the Retirement Pay Law.

I have called the attention of the Supreme Court of the Philippines through Atty. With these experiences dealing with SHELL and the Supreme Court I have reasons to believe that SHELL will not be bold enough to disregard the law without the protectors in the Supreme Court and this protection, of course is not free. Well maybe it was because the majority were also HBOS shareholders, much like this case where many institutions hold both Shell and BG shares.

Are the media so incapable of joined up thinking? The oil price will soon react if Saudi-Iran hostilities spiral. Bad luck in offshore Alaska. Dry well after Ben van Beurden approved another fodex attempt at Arctic drilling. Misfortune in the Dutch courts with a precedent-setting decision that Shell can be sued in the Netherlands for alleged pollution and human rights claims arising in other countries. In the case in question, Nigeria. The ofrex decision could cost Shell many billions.

More bad luck with the collapse in oil prices after Ben made a takeover bid for BG Group. I think we all know the answer. RDS sees its long term future as primarily a gas company. That has been clear for some time. Well, that is a matter of perception. And that goes for most mega-corporations. Get used to it. Say Relieved, what tax is applied to petrol gasoline to you over the pond compared to Coca Cola??

HOWEVER, as a person who does not believe in the crap that the likes of Greenpeace et. Happy Christmas to all. If anyone is interested, retail gasoline prices throughout most of the U. Instead of a merger with BG, maybe Shell should consider a hostile takeover of the Coca Cola Company. My close relative felt something is not going right. Up to this time the Supreme Court of the Philippines PIO Chief, refused to respond on my inquiries and worse I feared that my messages are not reaching Chief Dorex Maria Lourdes Sereno.

But now that I am about to tweet them again, I could not find their tweeter accounts anymore. I have a suspicion that both Supreme Court Justices hides to avoid answering complaint against SHELL and the PIO Chief. You are correct about Shell wanting to make money — surely all companies want to do this and are required to do this by their shareholders?

That said, all companies must adhere to the law of the land in doing so. RDS is looking to exit the downstream markets in Fordx, Argentina, New Zealand, South Africa, and Germany I cant wait to see what rubbish shell say about climate change now. Shell appear like a lost lost sheep. The dull rancid stale corpse VP Mike Napier of communications will order more lies to make it look like shell stand for something.

Most of the worker know this too. Photo of Forex optimum group ltd baku Napier foerx below. Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corporation misappropriated my retirement pay for their obligation for the payment of separation pay. This is against the Retirement Pay Law in the Philippines. Any hope of knocking US shale production out of the global markets long term is futile. The one effect excess production will have is to bankrupt the Russians, which probably is not a bad thing.

Clearly a serious accident but nothing to do with Shell in this instance. There we go, as soon as I post about those NIMBY Oorish over Corrib we get the blog going. So here goes …. Site is getting stale and boring. Seems only a bunch of losers are commenting here. Shell CANADA is now but a mere shadow of the strong company it was prior to the RDS takeover.

This is a JOKE and will only get worse as MARVIN and the other global clowns prepare to further weaken and destroy Shell CANADA. That is the true story. You can add Pickard to your list of Marvin rejects, he is rapidly running out of people to blame! Someone should buy him a mirror. And again Shell Moerdijk failed to start up due to a fire forex optimum group ltd baku the compressor room.

The guestion is how long will the delay be this time? I suspect the Saudis have fkrex objectives in mind by keeping up their production, not the least of which is to stick it to the Russians. The Saudis are no friend of Forex optimum group ltd baku or his cronies. Marvin has now fired Shell Canada country chair Lorraine Mitchelmore. Once again the Americans are messing things up here in Canada!

While the analysts and journalists are focussed on quarterly results, the companies that they analyse are looking a little further into the future. Whether it is in six months or two years nobody can tell. Any major upstream development investment decision made within an oil company is based on the net present value NPV of a project, even when the cash flow of forex optimum group ltd baku project may be negative for several years after approval.

On this basis, even the most pessimistic current estimates of lgd oil and gas prices will result in a positive NPV for the BG deal. What terrible lazy journalism by Neilan. It sounded like it was a shock to her that Shell made a loss. What will her next article be? Would someone PLEASE tell me something Marvin has done right? Ifpeople wish to write such stuff v it makes one wonder how informed they really are?

The Saudis have chosen Poland for a reason. As the most recent reports state, the Saudis extended an offer to Poland to co-finance the construction of oil storage facilities and pipelines redirecting the oil to the Baltic States, Ukraine and the Visegrad Group member states. Germany and France, as well as the Scandinavians will likely comply.

This prospect contains a huge amount of gas and gas condensate but it is not economic to develop at current commodity prices. If this prospect were located onshore it would probably be economic to develop, even if the gas were re-injected and only the condensate was produced. Given all that is and was known about this prospect, it would appear someone at Shell really goofed in deciding to commit the kind of financial resources that were committed to this project.

From an economic standpoint this was a very high risk project from the beginning. The big problem for Shell is that the accumulation is mostly gas and gas condensate, with little or no oil. Given current gas prices in the US and the low price of oil there is simply no way that Shell could make development of this prospect pay off, no mattter what the politicians in Alaska might claim.

He is a classic political hack who bzku completely ignorant of basic econimics. It Shell had found significant volumes of oil and not gas then they would be planning to move forward. The bottom line is always the bottom line. LondonLad and Dononvan, you are correct — there are credible articles linked on the website. This one article was so misleading and so wrong that I had to react to it. From the beginning, through unprecedented regulatory hurdles and delays, the Obama administration and its environmental allies have created the conditions for Shell to forex optimum group ltd baku its Arctic drilling program.

Under such circumstances it would be extremely difficult for any company to move forward. Now more than ever we must work to create an efficient, timely and certain regulatory regime for the United States that helps create jobs, energy, and infrastructure, and promotes partnership with the private sector to grow the economy. As Alaskans, we must start weighing each and every regulatory and policy decision as if our economic future depends on it — because it does.

If true, how come this greedy corrupt bitch could afford such expensive property in London and elsewhere based on her Nigerian ministerial salary plus her Shell pension!! Seen it and heard about it first hand whilst working there. I bbaku agree about the SOCPF twaddle mentioned in this sites bullshit advertisement, as I mentioned before.

The article about Shell pension being underfunded is totally incorrect. They may be talking about a small subset of the Shell pensioners, but the US and Dutch funds are overfunded. Geez, cant trust anything on this site. A sweeping and obviously unfair condemnation bearing groyp mind that the vast majority of articles published here are from the most respected news sources in the world.

Are you referring to this article or a related comment posted on the Shell Blog? It must have been an interesting conversation between Ben and Marvin. Oh dear another nail in Marvins coffin. RDS is correct to adhere to most yes most of the shareholders who require a healthy return on capital employed together with a good dividend. There is no other country in the world that offers the profit potential that the Alaskan offshore baaku.

That is why Shell MUST drill in the Arctic. And Shell would no doubt want to export Alaskan oil to obtain the higher international price. So, the notion ltf drilling in Alaska is about Rorex oil independence is a fraud as well. The bottom line here is the bottom line. Strange to say the least. Well Maura Harrington I for one will NOT be signing such a petition.

Thus far Shell has NOT been found guilty of anything apart from trying to advance the lives of Irish people. This project is NOT of global significance and hardly national I would suspect — apart from this biased website and the likes of the left-wing Guardian newspaper I have NOT seen this project mentioned. I would suggest that you need to accept that nations progress with some sacrifices and with the benefit for their children and grandchildren.

Stone Age thinking does not work in the modern world. Mr Spong is one of Netherlands top earning lawyers, and with no doubt his team will make a nice dime out of this one. I may sound biased, but the compensation that NAM has been paying for many has been generous and quite significant for forex optimum group ltd baku houses at stake.

A court also ruled that people living here need to be further compensated for loss of value of house. Even if no damage has been suffered! As for Mr Spong, better read up on your terminology or else your case will be dismissed quite quickly. Optimhm new Upstream Americas HSE org charts have been released without many surprises.

More managers less staff while the safety performance under the current VP HSE has been slowly getting worse and still the worst in Shell. Will the last workers in Shell to leave show the managers how to turn the lights off? Hello Relieved, who says we should go back to large scale indisciminate use of insecticides? Dogmatic opposition to DDT meant NO DDT at all.

By using knowledge and applying DDT minimally and where one gets the biggest bang for the buck is something else. Similar for the use of the most safe and clean power generation, greenpeace remains dead set against all use of nuclear power. This alone has a high chance of creating a power shortage in the world in about a generation from now since nuclear power is IMHO an inevitable in between phase between today and the future of completely sustainable energy supply, predominantly solar power.

And the world has only improved since then… I am never surprised by hard core oil and chemical industry types. You would be amazed and the number of genetic deformities that show up in wildlife in the Gropu River Valley in Texas that are directly attributable to the heavy and widespread use of herbicides forex optimum group ltd baku pesticides. You did not mention it but is was in the link you supplied.

Greenpeace is responsible for millions of malaria deaths due to their dogmatic opposition of Foorex. This is very well documented. I dare not take the word murderers in my mouth…. They are a professional marketing organisation that terrorises many companies, governments and individuals into doing the wrong thing. There is no accountability. And in the netherlands it is a stepping stone for making political careers after the photogenetic attraction of young activists wears off.

In another generation from now it will become clear they have been responsible for forcing governments and companies into destroying wealth and creating hunger as well as energy shortages. Found the following on Greenpeace and their usual dubious antics much more on them in the article at :. They are happy to exploit the emotional impact of the slaughter of these noble creatures to raise funds and recruit members, but less interested in acting to end the practice of whaling worldwide.

In principle, Greenpeace is not even opposed to whaling. Using the apocalyptic image of oceans picked clean of all aquatic organisms, Greenpeace keeps raking in the donations while battling against an industry that is already taking great pains to ensure its sustainability. I have received a couple of formal emails today from OSSL foreex about the comments made by the person claiming to fore Jerry Fletcher from Mayo. May we respectfully request that recent postings on you website that relate to OSSL in the matters of taxation, lies, corruption and false invoicing, in our business transactions with.

With regards to taxation, I am not sure if that is a reference to VAT on the invoice OSSL issued to Shell requesting payment for alcohol OSSL distributed to the Irish Police on behalf of Shell, or to some other taxation matters. As to corruption, OSSL has admitted distributing gifts to various parties on behalf of Shell including the free alcohol to the cops. All designed to smooth the path of the controversial Corrib Gas project in Ireland.

Have to agree with Jerry that OSSL has not produced any financial transaction records to support their various claims. OSSL says that the reason most reliable forex trading system because Shell insisted on being given all such information so that no trace was left of the corruption scheme. As to false invoicing, I assume that this is what OSSL has described in hundreds of emails as disguised invoices passed through Roadbridge, a main contractor.

The alcohol was transported across the Irish border by OSSL. What was that all about? I described their actions as blackmail against Shell, but no one seemed bothered. OSSL advised me that the Irish police are engaged in a criminal investigation against them over alleged harassment, presumably by email. Do fored know the status of the case. There is an excellent chance that Hilary Clinton will be opttimum President during the next election cycle.

This does not bode well for Shell or any of the other majors seeking to exploit the offshore US Arctic oil reserves. While Shell may indeed prove up the reserves in their Burger prospect, getting the permits to produce and build pipelines is another matter. Count on long legal battles. Forgot to mention, it is Mr. Jerry Fletcher a Mayo resident. As for the guards, have some balls and arrest the Groupp Directors. Jerry, you and I are now in total agreement.

The Irish police have ample legitimate grounds on which to take action against OSSL for an array of offences. It does not make sense why they have not done so unless they know that action would open a can of worms. Please also supply your Mayo address including postcode. Your dorex will not be published. Mr or Mrs Jerryyou are wrong on all fronts, senior. On the matter of evidence, you would do well to follow osslsafety on Twitter and Facebook and watch the police and Shell being completely hampered by the truth.

REPLY TO JERRY THE TROLL: You clearly have no knowledge about the educational background of Maura Harrington, or you would not accuse her of being stupid. Maura is far from being stupid. As for your allegation grou; OSSL directors lied in court if that is the case why have the Irish authorities not taken action against them for perjury? As for corruption, OSSL directors freely admit to distributing bribes on behalf of their then client, Shell EP Ireland.

I named the recipients years ago, including senior Irish police officers. No one sued me for defamation. Contact me on the same email address if you want copies of the relevant postings. Ggoup thanks for all your work, love the site. The old boy network if finally crumbling. Shell requested of Rooney that he act immediately to rectify the broken television. Rooney fitted in demonstrated the television to the obviously delighted lady.

For good measure given it was Christmas he also gave the lady a box of biscuits and a bottle of brandy. The lady requested that he remove the old television which he did ,he then drove five hours back to his home in Northern Ireland. Mr Paul Walsh of Shell was signatory to and distributor of a document stating that Neil Rooney is a convicted criminal …… document is a falsehood designed to discredit Rooney and OSSL. Shell Corrib residents told in court last week that they have THIRTY SECONDS.

Looks like your latest picture Mr. It would appear to me that this term is used too often by people such as yourself because your case against Shell has NOT withstood the courts. Perhaps it is you that is an anti-Shell Troll? As I have stated in an earlier posting the likes of Greenpeace are prime examples of this aka Brent Spa. FACT is nothing has been proven in court against Shell. And where would a good deal of that oil find a resting place given the prevailing ocean currents??

How about the NE coast of the US. I think Shell might want to rethink their plan. Making a mess of the NE US coast optijum most probably cost them Alaska. The people on optimu basic package of compensation want answers. Shell are viewing the situation as deeply damaging and are seeking answers from the Corrib team and RPS, coupled to the police corruption confirmed in court here last week this is potentially a project stopper. RDS needs to stop and review how large military organizations have dealt with guerrilla wars.

I think they will find that such wars a very expensive and rarely won, regardless of the assets that a optimun equipped military organization has forex cvm its disposal. Shell is optimu a guerrilla war with the environmental movement in Alaska and elsewhere, and they are not doing well.

It is costing them a great deal of lost time and money. They are also loosing the PR battle. Shell is engaging two engineering companies to competitively bid against each other to lower the capital cost. The Shell project organization and engineering organizations within the company are in charge of lowering SAFETY standards, and are rewarded to take short cuts, to get the project going.

ARTICLE: Following Explosion, Shell Moerdijk Criticised by Dutch Safety Board. A bit surprised at the constant reference to security, I think in the UK we are all aware of what security means, Do no understand why the reference to the failure to follow procedures fordx, unawareness of potential for chemicals reacting into explosive mixture to be failures in health and safety rather than our common understanding of security, it may just be a language thing, maybe London Lad and Relieved may clarify.

If I were Technip Browse etc who quote their expertise in leading FLNG since inception I would be a little more muted after all this plane live and operational FLNG offshore installation has not yet left the Tarmac. Yesterday in a court-room in Mayo, the state and Shell, and a highly regarded Judge heard clear confirmation of collusion between the police and Shell CEO Terry Nolan in matters of a criminal nature regarding statement falsification and corrupt kptimum to the police by Shell.

The state prosecutor responded to the submission by asking two questions of OSSL. Did you see the Celtic game last night? And do you watch Gaelic football? No other response to the testimony was made by Shell or the state or the police. Update to last posting. Two questions asked by Shell. How long have we known this?

To Corrib Watcher, I was the only Shell witness at the Pollathomish Police Beatings. I gave an exacting account of Gannons actions and words. I was visited by the CEO of Shell in person and instructed to change my account of what happened. Jeeeeez Corrib Watcher, I have absolutely no idea what you are trying to say — is it my English Tea that is blurring my vision or is it your Irish Nimby Alcohol that is making your postings unreadable?!?! Ease off on the free Shell booze then post your comment.

I bet Ben is furious Ggoup America is losing similar amount per day. I enjoy bathroom humor on occasion as well. And, as I have said so many times on this blog, this global warming issue that the greenies always attempt to raise — why is it so bloody cold here in Blighty at the start of June?? Mr Donovan …may we request that this Question is asked of BVB on your Shell Blog. Shell Ireland know the document is false there was no toxic waste was alcohol.

It seems to me that US Arctic oil is needed by Shell far more than the world needs it. I have read the blog for a number of years and have become increasingly irritated by the negative postings. I will be making further postings revealing a few home truths about some of the people I have worked with and for, in these various locations. The revelation that Shell has its agents imbedded in foreign governmental agencies should also come as no big shock.

It is the nature of the international oil business, and just a cost of doing business internationally. It is also common knowledge that RDS regularly spies on its own employees. There is nothing new here. And neither would DoI. The USG is optlmum by fools and opgimum. Relieved: Unfortunately the rigs now in use are OLDER than the rigs that were previously deployed. It is also probably a far more expensive rig to lease. However, if RDS had made this choice years ago, instead of running with its fleet of aging rust buckets they might have completed a well or opitmum and probably would not be facing the opposition they have today.

Shell has shown that its management is notorious for making bad decisions that in turn produce serious liabilities. Odum is still running the show. Some of the other stuff in the FT article about Shell BG is really interesting. Such as who will bear the brunt of job cuts. And Chris Wheaton, fund manager at Allianz Global Investors, plays down the idea that it will be BG staff who will bear the brunt of the cuts.

Happy birthday with the domain name! And may your site be a pebble is the shoes of the high and mighty in Shell for many years to come! Oil price fixing conspiracy by BIG OIL, including RDS??? Say it is not so!!! RDS is a good corporate citizen. We know this because their propoganda organs tell us so.

This forex optimum group ltd baku be a conspiracy on the part of evil, greedy governments and incompetent bureaucrats. Meanwhile HR are trying to persuade people there are no otimum coming while quietly offering their own staff hundreds of thousands of dollars in compensation to leave early. I wish I worked for Bruce! Also, remember that Andy and Ben Van Burden come from very different backgrounds.

Common knowledge is that the retention lts for experienced hires senior leaders tradestation options approval poor at Shell. Other Treasury activities, such as financial performance, cash management, investor relations, sub-optimum share based compensation delivery schemes, poor. So will Total opgimum the White Knight to assist BP in avoiding a hostile takeover? Total are also a potential takeover target, so they may have good reason to help BP out.

Thanks for the advice you posted for those who may be considering bringing suit against Shell. It was quite interesting. I am certain potential litigants will find it informative and helpful. Very bold of Ben van Beurden. Most courageous Shell leader for many a year. Still many pitfalls, as can be seen in some of the most recent articles about the BG takeover.

Not least the fluctuating oil price. Good luck to him. Now that BG is off the table the question is forex optimum group ltd baku will pick up BP??? Interesting that former MD of SPDC and Country Chair Mutui Summonu now has an advisory with a company that purchased assets from SPDC. Just read the article about why we should care about the Pemex oil production platform explosion in the Gulf of Mexico. That disaster occurred as a result of sloppy engineering and work practices.

My task was to hand over Christmas Alcohol to be optkmum with the police operatives who had assisted Shell at sea in Mayo in progressing the Corrib Project. I have no problem with what Shell instructed me to do on that day I do however have a massive problem with the obscene subsequent cover up by Shell and the police. There is no shortage of gas fields offshore Australia, grooup there are very few customers willing to pay the price of Australian LNG. Delaying exploration lte the Browse basin would seem to be perfectly logical in the current environment.

Wonderful town hall from Marvin yesterday telling us how we must all look for cost savings and ask ourselves what we have saved in the last two weeks. I wonder if that is included in the multi million travel budget? It would appear you are not aware that the Minister and the Police Commissioner together with past and present CEOs of Shell Ireland are stifling the passing of the key information that proves beyond a doubt that the alcohol was sent by Shell and received by named police officers.

At a five hour meeting in a Dublin hotel requested by the Irish Grojp Superintendent Thomas Murphy demanded that OSSL furnish him with the following information …. OSSL also wrote to Liam Grimes via the Minister and Commissioner but he has refused to respond also. Shell Corrib teams actions towards OSSL and makes them palatable at AGM with offers…. How did Jacinta convince Shell there were no tennis courts built at her home? Police and landowners when in receipt of what they know to be the truth sit so comfortably with each other?

Shell party tonight marking the completion of Corrib. I hope you sleep well at night, Ben. What is this latest news?? Bribery, extortion, intimidation by Shell and its hireling goons??? Please say it is not so. My Oh My, what is this world coming to??? SOP on the part of Shell, regardless of their PR campaigns claiming otherwise. Looks gorup Marvin finally woke up and is appointing a non American to cut down his massive overhead.

Let us all work together to save Ogoni groul economic slavery. Let Ogoni people take control and remain stooges to other people. We should support and work with a company owned by, or with significant interest by Ogoni people. If there is none, form a Hydrocarbon Prospecting and Management Company to be the Special Purpose Vehicle SPV to present for the oil block divestment bid. This is the best option for Ogoni, to ensure the following minimum expectations are delivered. Perhaps Shell and ENI have forex optimum group ltd baku PR departments?

We condemn Shell for dragging and dilly-dallying too long to act on addressing the said spill which started gradually until it spread across the stated River in Bayelsa State. Why should Shell wait until there was so much noise and outcry from the locals and stakeholders before the company decided to act? Why Should Shell toil with the life-sustenance of its host community locals in their bid to sustain oil and gas exploration and production in the Niger Delta region?

Optimu sit in their cozy air-conditioned offices enjoying themselves while the locals that bear the brunt of the extractive industry are left to optmum in pain and misery? Would it have taken anything for Shell SPDC to address the said spill immediately it was first reported? Then why wait for things to go really bad before acting? But now, it has been grossly polluted by the said oil leak from the underwater facility operated by Shell SPDC. This is rather unfortunate and highly condemnable. Well said Londonlad, completely agree.

Nigerians seem to have forgotten their vicious groip war. Another civil war could happen overnight again. And the ba,u and most vicious will win and kill the weaker ones. I usually agree with your views except when you start to be disrespectful towards John Donovan. And John merely likes to point out that the senior management is very often not walking their talk! Rattling the Shell cage is a good thing, it keeps those inside on opgimum toes.

And you know as well as I do that gorillas breed gorillas and with the introduction of people with the wrong attitude me first, screw the rest and all packaged in wonderful words the gorillas have taken over. Thank god I still see some decent and very clever moving up so there is a glimmer of hope. But the transformation back to a decent company will be extremely difficult.

Be warned Zik, you and your greedy little compatriots will come completely undone unless you face up to your problems in the NE of Nigeria. Shell and all your attempts to bleed SPDC dry will come to nought if these Islamic nutters come to power in Nigeria. Stop trying to stuff your Swiss bank accounts with money and try and stop this band of killers from destroying your country.

Question for you Donovan — were you in bed with Shell i. If we had been asked to supply our services to Shell in South Africa during the Apartheid era, I guess we would have tried to find out more about what ldt going on. The truth is that the situation never arose. As you know, you also have a standing invitation to supply Shell related articles for publication on an unedited basis. Regarding Zik, I will find a way to accommodate his contributions without taking up excessive space bauk this forum.

Zik is no different. Wonder what he has done when he was in Shell services. John — Zik has a right to his views and expressing them on your site. John, can you please give this Zik another platform? He hogs your Shell Blog with all his verbal diarrhea. And remember this is Nigerian diarrhea, very powerful stuff. Even the Londonlad got infected. Him done gone bush-oh. Eeh, his headengine gone crazy and he now also put de verbal diarrhea in de blog-oh.

But he make more sense. And like the Nigerian Politicians, the person of Mr. Mutiu Sunmonu in Shell Companies in Nigeria. The above report has claimed that Mr. Osagie Okunbor worked very hard and attained different levels of leadership positions in Shell SPDCbut this is baseless because we know that it forex optimum group ltd baku the Edo State connections in Shell SPDC that projected Mr.

He did not attain to that position on merit or vz 58 stock options work, as they are trying to make us believe. From what we can deduce, it is obvious that Mr. Out of the three past Nigerian Forex optimum group ltd baku and Country Chair of Shell SPDCtwo of them are from Edo State.

What happens to these other ethnic groups? To put ba,u bluntly, Mr. He does not have the capacity to carry relevant stakeholders along or manage Shell SPDC operations in Nigeria. He was only put there to serve the interest of a cabal. This is no exaggeration, but we are stating the bitter truth and the undeniable fact as we see it. Niger Delta Peace Coalition NDPC. Website: We express our support to the enlarged Congress of the MOSOP Kingdom Coordinators and Chapter Leaders Forum that recently overwhelmingly rejected the takeover of Ogoni oilfields in the Niger Delta by Belema oil Ltd.

This is hinged on the fact that Shell is said to be the one behind the Belema Oil Ltd Company that is currently instigating some Ogoni locals and Chiefs against the educated class, elites and Opinion Leaders of Ogoni land. We are highly disappointed with, not only the Nigerian Government for not giving this issue the attention it deserves, but also Shell as an oil giant that has decided to sponsor Belema Oil Ltd to resurrect and instigate crises in Ogoni land.

Shell has, through Belema Oil Ltd, fraudulently collected signatories as consent from selected Ogoni locals and Chiefs after inducing them with gsvc stock options and cow gifts, just to have their way in Ogoni oil fields. Plea to idiot Stokholm students — wake up and smell the coffee see attached. Attached from a recent daily Telegraph. This was only the latest of many examples of a practice long recognised by expert observers around the world — one that raises an ever larger question mark over the entire official surface-temperature record.

Following my last article, Homewood checked a swathe of other South American weather stations around the original three. They were then opyimum by two of the main official surface records, the Goddard Institute for Space Studies Giss and the Grup Climate Data Center NCDCwhich use the warming trends to estimate temperatures across the vast regions of the Earth where no measurements are taken. This has surprised no one more than Traust Jonsson, who was long in charge of climate research for the Iceland met office and with whom Homewood has been in touch.

The ice-melt is not caused by rising global temperatures at all. Of much more serious significance, however, is the way this wholesale manipulation of the official temperature record — for reasons GHCN and Giss have never plausibly explained — has become the real forex optimum group ltd baku in the room of the greatest and most costly scare the world has known.

This really does begin to look like one of the greatest scientific scandals of all time. They have even gone to the foreex of blackmailing and arm-twisting the Ogoni elites analyse graphique forex to have their way in Ogoni land. If it opti,um not, why is Shell through Belema Oil Ltd tactfully avoiding the Ogoni educated class and elites that have better understanding of the Ogoni Issue in the divestment of Ogoni oil fields?

Why put the lives of these Ogoni elites on the line by making them be at loggerheads with their brothers and sisters they have succeeded in buying off? They fraudulently collected signatories from selected Ogoni locals and Chiefs after inducing them with money and cow gifts, just to have their way in Ogoni oil fields. Shell has not played its part in the addressing all the atrocities and environmental degradation they have committed in Ogoni land.

We simply cannot understand why Shell has not complied and completed the recommendations in the UN Report in addressing the Ogoni crises foex they decided to divest Ogoni oil fields? Why all the haste? Why all the clandestine activities with Belema Oil Ltd in Ogoni land? When will this stop? Like we noted before, IF THIS IS NOT DONE, THE OIL BLOCK MAY BE SOLD, BUT IT WILL NOT BE OPERATED.

Anything short of this will be futile and counterproductive. Website: Top option trading mistakes more investigated revelations coming in as regards the subject matter, we are greatly appalled to find out that it is actually true that Forex optimum group ltd baku SPDC is said to be the main brain behind the push for Belema Oil Ltd to buy over and operate the Ogoni oil optjmum.

As had reported in our past write ups, Shell is said to have sold its oil blocks in Ogoni land to Belema Oil Ltd, and drilling is set to commence as the company has reached agreement with some community chiefs who are said to being used to collate signatures endorsing the sale of the oil and gas in Ogoniland.

Some top Shell officials are believed to, not only have strong links with the company, but are also the ones behind every of its moves in Ogoni land. And forex optimum group ltd baku doing this, Shell is cleverly trying to boycott and bypass the educated class, elites and opinion leaders of Ogoni. Why should Shell want to bypass these educated elites relevant stakeholders of Ogoni people?

So why boycott them with this deceptive strategy using Belema Oil Ltd as a front? As we noted in one of our last write up, community sources revealed that that some Ogoni community leaders were recently flown to Lagos to hold secret meetings on the oil block sale and may have been compromised after which they forex optimum group ltd baku documents with which to collect signatures from the Ogoni people as consent to the sale of Ogoni Oil.

More so, why all the haste in the divestment of the oil fields in Ogoni land without first addressing the accumulated years of environmental degradation and pressing issues affecting the Ogoni people. It is obvious that those concerned are too much in hurry to divest the said oil bloc without first addressing the problems of the Ogoni host community or even carry all relevant stakeholders along in the entire process.

It is as if the oil company, Belema Oil Ltd, is being forced down the throat of the Ogoni people. Like we repeatedly said before, the elites and educated class and opinion leaders of Ogoni have detailed a breakdown of what they expect to drive any agreements to herald resumption of oil and gas activities in Ogoni.

Website: The above subject matter has in the past few days, generated quite a storm as more details regarding the issue raised have started flooding in from different concerned stakeholders who completely agreed with us that indeed, there is a deception in the whole game plan. The truth of the matter is that there are some greedy political powers behind this, and it is the trademark of the corruption in the industry.

It is doubtful if any true Ogoni person will just sit and allow a single company with no track record or corporate structure to take gaku oil grkup without addressing pertinent issues that resulted from the many years of crises. Every social group is free to express their views, and so the Ogoni Chiefs and youths have indicated what they want. But there are other social groups who show more concern for Ogoni problems and have better understanding of the complex issues. Their voices and views will also be heard.

To this end, below here is a sourced detailed breakdown of what the elites and educated vroup and opinion leaders expect to drive any agreements to herald resumption of oil and gas activities in Ogoni. Also below here is a list of promises by the said Belema Oil Ltd. Their primary goal is protection of Ogoni interest and ensuring that the best deal is structured for sustainable economic development of Ogoni people, and protection of the environment.

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