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We respect your privacy. No matter which desk you end up on, you are most likely going to be waking up around this time. Adjust your sleeping habits accordingly or suffer for most of the day. Also keep in mind that even if you go out the night before, you are still expected to be in on time and wawa stock options. Finish off with a couple broker chats.

You want to make sure you know the biggest risks in every category e. Unlike in investment banking, you actually need to know some math here. You need to know about all of that because if the stock makes a big move, that strike will start kicking out a very large short gamma this is also why most traders are unwilling to sell short dated OTM options. The macro summary is given, and then everyone discusses important research updates.

If there are earnings or big announcements, you will generally not quote until the screens come in a bit. If the government steps in and restricts short-selling for some reason, this last risk can become more of an issue. But the problem is that unless you can find someone to find the other side in the broker marketyou will get wider prices with brokers than you give to your clients. This means that to survive, you constantly need to be aware of what brokers are working so that you can spot chances to offload risk.

That way, when a client request comes in you can skew it appropriately. The best case scenario: when you know someone is a buyer in the broker market, you can buy it from a client at a vol from mids, and then offload it in the broker market at a vol above. However, this is very rare, so most of the time you need to make a price based on a prop view if you will. You need to price it according to your view of the trade, instead of where you can offload it.

It gets difficult on a flow book because you need to find the balance between looking after the risk, but at the same time also exploring opportunities to move the business forward. So you price it with the help of the senior guys on the desk and get back to Excel. This is one of the situations you hate to be in.

You also need to make sure you know not just your local risk, but also your risk as spot prices move. In a client flow book you have thousands of positions, so your risk can quite easily flip as parameters move. That is why you need to look at your risk in three dimensions: time, spot, and volatility. These added dimensions make derivatives more interesting than delta one products e.

Lock back into the cockpit. Pricing becomes routine after a while. This can become dangerous, especially with very small requests. Pin risk is very real. However, if you sell shares and it comes back up through the strike you get short a lot of delta. Your choices are very limited at these times, and you need to be aware of the strike risk days or weeks leading up to the expiry so you can plan accordingly.

This is one of the most hectic times of the day, as you need to hedge quite a large percentage of daily volume for a lot of stocks. In addition, several prices come in for clients, and you are trying to finish off some stuff you have been working in the broker market. In his spare time, he enjoys memorizing obscure Excel functions, editing resumes, obsessing over TV shows, traveling like a drug dealer, and defeating Sauron.

Not as much as you used to. Cash compensation tends to level off in the low hundreds of thousands. You might earn more, but most of it will be in the form of stock or deferred cash. Is there any alternative way to buy the guide? Hmm I am not sure about that oneā€¦ have you already contacted him through the site? You could also try the direct site link here: Hello Sir. I have a question regarding one of the option strategies, that is called Collar.

Also when you write an optioncan think like an options trader pdf market value ever be positive? Thanks Thank you for your great post, it is really helpful. Is there potentially money to be made in that area? What does he do when he gets back? What does he do for fun? Or male Traders tend to go to sleep quite early or get good at being sleep-deprived so on weeknights there may not be that much to do for fun after work.

One senior trader I knew had about an hour of free time each day, which he spent playing video games before going to sleep early. Also, how tolerant are seniors when it comes to an error in judgment? Think like an options trader pdf yes, many people do get bored of agency trading. Also, on the opposite side, how much does surviving have to do with luck?

Luck plays a role day to day in terms of pnl as you deal with uncertainty, but when you deal with uncertainty you sort of need to develop a think like an options trader pdf that you cant control the lines on the screen, all you can do is work as hard as you can in terms of being prepared so you make the right decisions with the information you have at the time. You arent a fortune teller, and noone expects you to be one, but you are expected to make good risk management decisions every day.

I think every desk will sacrifice pnl for certain clients, it has to do with looking at how much business the clients do holistically. How competitive is recruiting for options trading. Also vs other quant roles like risk mgmt. Not sure about the relative competitiveness of options desks specifically. However, with the empohasis on headcount, the junior AD is going to be doing a lot of the work a new grad would be doing because a he wants to keep his job and b its a lot cheaper for hte desk than to take ona graduate.

So interms of getting in id say the only option is internship and get hired of the back of it With all the metrics such as Delta, Gamma and Vega involved, it seems options trading has a heavier focus on risk assessment than quantification of fundamental value. That is somewhat true, but fundamental value is still important. Managing risk is super-important with any type of derivative though and trading in general.

Yes, sellside trading on a flow options desk isnt about identifying fundamental value in the Buffet style sense. At the core of it its more about relative value. I personally think in a market making seat you can maximize profits relative to PNL volatility by focusing on relative value. This is because you can often get on the bid and offer. In terms of risk management, id say on a flow desk that is the key thing. You cover so many names and make so many pricesthat you need to be defensive first, it is a very reactive trading seat in tht sense.

How do you deal with the stress? Do you genuinely find what you do rewarding? The way it was written it seems like you are always on tenterhooks that the bottom is going to drop out and you are going to get royally fucked somehow. Stress comes from missing something like this and losing money because of an oversight on your part. In terms of general stress, theres currently a thread on wallstreetoasis where i hve written quite a bit on general stress in a trading seat.

Not sure if Brian allows to post links but its quite easy to find. I will dig the thread up. Do you like what you do? Yea i find it very interesting every day, and i love having something where results are so directly trackable every day. In terms of monitoring everything, you honestly get used to it. Your eyes become very well adapted at searching for things on all the screens. In terms of covering books, most teams have a system, and there will usually always be some cross coverage so multiple people on a book.

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