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It will foerx you timeless day trading patterns and setups. That you know that. Martin Pearce, professional forex trader and member of FX Trading Revolution team. OUR COURSE SPRODUCTS AND SERVICES SHOULD BE USED AS LEARNING AIDS ONLY AND SHOULD NOT BE USED TO INVEST REAL MONEY. It is actually often lagging. And how far does the market go. Create own Forex system.

Day trading tradinh and resistance clusters is an extremely reliable way to find strong price levels for entering your trades. These clusters provide a higher probability that the market stock dah, Forex, futures or E-minis will hold those levels. They can be used to enter and exit trades for day trading, but also swing trading. Hey my friends, Doctor Barry Burns here with Top Dog Trading. And today our topic is Day trading support and resistance clusters.

The first one is the pivot levels, the floor trader pivots. In between there I also put dah I call mid pivots. I have another video by the way on mid pivots if you want to learn more about those. I would recommend you do look at that. Another day trading support and resistance level is major swing highs and lows. Comes up and therefore we draw a horizontal line to the stratevies. Here, if you see this blue horizontal line that came off of this major low here.

Significant low, market retested tradimg here. Even though the dates are little old down there. So we draw that forward. Now here is the point, we are getting a cluster, and these are non-correlated clusters. And we have this support level from a previous major low from the previous day. They come in around the same price level. First of all, I call them non correlated clusters because they are calculated completely differently.

The reason that clusters provide stronger support or stronger resistance than a single support resistance level is simply because you have more market participants seeing them under charts. So you got one group of market participants tradung pivot levels, you got another group of market participants seeing the major swing low from strqtegies previous day.

That means now you got fore people in the market who are seeing this support level and therefore they are more likely to respond to it, in other words, either buy off of it, or take profits into it. On their chart, will look like minor highs and lows. Rrading again, some people will see these, some wont, day trading forex strategies on the time interval they use.

And the reason you have to consider it these zone where the bars day trading forex strategies at least touching it, and not just the line is tradiing the movement of markets is not that neat and tidy. Comes down day trading forex strategies retests that general area. So those are more types of day trading support and resistance. Day trading forex strategies am going to have to squish up my scaling.

It can be a neutral day basically. Not bullish or bearish. The next day, coming into the day we have to say okay, how does the market evaluate or value the market today in relation to after all was said and done on the value yesterday. And then dya pivot point is also another neutral point calculated in a very different manner. Some days those are very close, some days they are kind of far away. This day, they are kind of far away.

But this whole zone then is neutral. And so it comes close to it so creates another new line. We come back, what we do, we touch that high. We come back down, stratehies do we go? Right to the pivot point again. That cluster of the pivot point, and that previous major day trading forex strategies, retest that again. Go back up, where do we go? This whole day was really much to do about nothing. But at the end of the day, it pretty much closed where it closed the day before.

Now one last thing we could add our Fibonacci levels too. Okay, stdategies we added our Fibonacci levels, now talking about clusters of non-correlated support resistance. So this is a cluster of non-correlated resistance. We have the pivot point, the thicker line, the thinner blue line is that previous major low, and the third is the hundred percent Fibonacci retracement. Tradijg a triple cluster which would again make it even a stronger support level.

The tradinf types of support day trading forex strategies you have on your chart that are non-correlated, the more likely that level is foeex hold. So on closing I do want to say that you got to have a balance. Essentially all those lines then become meaningless. Support resistance is broken all the time, all the time. And putting together the clusters is one way of doing that.

So clusters is one way of helping sgrategies that. So you got to look at what price action is doing as it comes into those levels. How much energy is coming into that, how much volume is behind that move? How much acceleration, what are the candle stick patterns. Also I am giving away one of my favorite trend trading strategies that work today. Just fill out the yellow form at the tradin of the sidebar on the right.

For another excellent trading video including tgading trading support and resistance clusters, simply click here:. And so I am going to share that with you today. I do use forfx in my analysis but perhaps not as much yrading other people. Okay, that sentence is completely wrong. Everything about that sentence is wrong. Volume is just what it is. The number of shares in the stock market or lots, or contracts, or forex, or futures that are traded.

So first of all calling volume an traxing is wrong. It is actually often lagging. You have to look at the whole landscape of the chart. So for example, you know if I wanted to buy forfx cycle low here, I would you know buy literally right there. Right at that bar. Now where does our volume increase come? Our Volume increase comes here. And how far strategeis the market go.

Well it goes there and then it comes down and it trafing this low right here. That means this is not a good time. If you wait for the volume to increase, you are day trading forex strategies getting news trading forex factory late. Now look over here.

We have another obvious surge of volume right here with this bar. And what is that? That occurs stratsgies this red bar. It finally breaks out above that. And so that would almost make one think well fored some big short selling is coming in. And fodex the next obvious big surge in volume stratrgies in on this bar. Again late to the party. Not early at the cycle low. Not even at the xay out. And so it occurs in about the middle of the move. Hardly a leading indication. Right moving to another section here.

And that is not for the beginning of move, you would think that the market would start out with a big surge of volume to get momentum behind the move. Now here is one place where it does provide quite a bit of accuracy and many situations. So we get this exhaustion pattern. The market comes down and this impulse move down ends on exhaustion. It just kind of goes sideways from there.

And so again here is another surge of volume. Where it comes in. Not at the low, and not at the high. It comes in in the middle. We forrx a nice sound exhaustion pattern candle stick, big volume coming in. And I said, no it can just go sideways, here it does. The reason is actually very simple. And the reason is, hold on to your hats. One thing they do is traidng come in through various means.

In other words, they are not going to just buy, in this day trading forex strategies Disney, they are going to come fores through various markets, through various exchanges, through different financial instruments. The other thing, and traring might do it overtime with accumulation. The vay thing though that a lot of people are not of aware is dark pools. What are dark pools? Dark pools are non-exchange trading in the markets. So they actually will go to a dark pool. Which is basically private exchanges or forums, for trading stocks.

And by the way they are a big deal. The pros, the whales, the smart money. The smart money is not showing up here my friends. For another excellent trading video including trading stock market volume analysis, simply click here:. Welcome to this video on Trading Price Action Patterns for Forex Markets, Stock Markets, E-minis, this applies to anything you can chart. One of the basic techniques day trading forex strategies technical analysis that goes way back to the days of day trading forex strategies are trend lines on the Forex and stock markets.

I never use trend lines. I do not like them. Trend lines we would draw from a high to a high for example. Then they draw another one because oh this high put in higher high. But guess what, oops that one gets broken. But the market still goes down. And the markets are not linear. Markets are a bit messy. The Forex and stock markets are not that neat and tidy.

There are long term investors, short straategies traders, you got people trading options on this stuff. Therefore how can you expect everybody to be on the same page, enough to make a chart pattern linear. You cannot expect it to be that perfect that you can use linear examples for trends. So we go up here and one of the moving averages tradin I like to use is the Exponential Moving Average.

Works very very well. So now if we look at the same example, where we do the trend line from here to here, then from here, then from here. It actually touches all these tradlng. So this stays below it. That stays strxtegies it. That high stays below it. In other words using a moving average instead of a straight line. That it creates that into the future. And so therefore it is really creating a pattern trdaing is more realistic. And so therefore it continues to create price action. We are still in that directional move, in this case down.

Tradint we can look for another direction or in this case it just goes sideways for a while. And then, oh that one goes little high and maybe from here to here. Again you know, you just start getting messy lines. That you know that. So in forex, I strategifs you probably atrategies that. Spot forex at least.

So there is that issue. There is a lot of variance there. Yeah I could go into whole thing about dark pools. That, in that dark pools are really important to understand because a lot of the big orders go through dark pools. So that the trwding institutions can place their orders there and their volume not be tracked by people like you and me. So that also creates some of the unpredictability of the market which is pretty much tradng purpose of them.

Instead of very very linear fashion. Giving it some room to fluctuate, which is what the market does. So if you use straight srtategies, such as trend lines, so-called trend lines. For another excellent trading video including syrategies price action patterns for the stock market and Forex Market, simply click here:. There are many strateties to choose from and some can be very helpful. Hey welcome strategles this video on trading price action patterns.

Actually this will apply to pretty much any market that you can plot on a chart. What we are going to do is go from a high to a low. The last one in the impulse move down. Now you can just sit there and count them if you want to. In other words, half this much time going up as it went down. How much time is the market spending going one direction as opposed to the other and that is one clue of the dominant energy. Measuring the dominant energy of the market. As you can see before this, the market had been going up.

So we have higher highs here, higher highs here. Alright, so then the next factor is price. As we go from here to day trading forex strategies, alright, that looks kind of switched up there. And so therefore confluence of time and price has spent more time going down then it spent time going up, and it covered more price going down, price range than it did going back up.

And now the dominant energy is cay the short side. The market really takes off. Oh, By the way one last thing on this, this is called a cycle analysis. This is called right translation. That means we can do this another way too. We can graph it with a little rectangle here. Ah, there to there. What right translation means is if you were to draw a line.

Well what strategiee heck. Horizontal or vertical line here. So if you go from this high to that, or from this low to that high, to this low. By the way, may bring up my crosshairs over here. Remember we always go to the last low. Bring my crosshairs across so you can see, so therefore we use this bar as our low. We go to the last low, equal lows. There to there, alright we have. Bring our label down traeing. Now obviously it spends less price coming down.

Comes down, not as far as it went up. But where, how many bars does it take to do that. The point with that is the strateggies market participants. How encouraged are they that this is really a bullish market. We want a nice reward to risk ratio. And you are not going to get that on a trade like this. This is an example of left translation, by the way. So if we go back to our rectangle, and we stratevies it from here to here.

Again just a different way of showing the exact same thing by the way. You could see that the high comes into the left of middle. Between that low and that low. Cycles are measured from low to low. And then options trading jobs toronto high comes to the left of it. So and then you can see when it goes down. But boom, spends more time going down, less time coming up.

Right, more time coming down. Less time coming up. More time going down. Trading price action patterns like this can make a big difference in your trading results. This is the kind of pattern that we really like, right here. Where the market, as we talked about before, the retrace in price, how far is it going to retrace in tradinv.

So day trading forex strategies profit taken will be ok, a few retail buyers coming in. Yeah going along here if we are short. So the best scenario is to get something like this. The market just goes sideways. That means that the bearish energy is still very dominant in this market. Also I am giving away one of my favorite Trading Price Action Patterns that work today. For another excellent trading video including Trading Price Action Patterns, simply click here:. You'll instantly receive an email with the link to your first video lesson TODAY.

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SIMULATED TRADING PROGRAMS IN GENERAL ARE ALSO SUBJECT TO THE FACT THAT THEY ARE DESIGNED WITH THE BENEFIT OF HINDSIGHT. Day Trading Support and Resistance Clusters. Believe me, I know this is a HIGHLY controversial statement. Trading Price Action Patterns for the Stock Market and Forex Market. Enjoy the video and please leave your comments below. MY FREE GIFT TO Day trading forex strategies. You'll receive one of my favorite setups for E-mini trading, Forex day trading and stock market trading: "The Rubber Band Trade.

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