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Forex Crunch is a site all about the foreign exchange market, which consists of news, opinions, daily and weekly forex analysis, technical analysis, tutorials, basics. A Permissible to give mehr in other assets form. But imaam Abu Hanifah sees it complex because the saliva is derived from the flesh. Forex Market Explained - Hedging in the Forex Market. A Yes, but your fingers should not touch the Qur-aan page on the screen. A Your roza would be counted as per the intention done.

Q Eski mois Muharram Mofine? Sa kitsoze ki appelle mofine la pena dans Islam. Donc pena Mofine et le grand mois Muharram li pas mofine. Donc capave marrier, voyager,etc dans sa mois la. Oui alif ba ta forex fofex garde roza entier mois la. Qlif Someone told me that the fast that i kept for ashoora is not valid as i have not yet replaced my missing foeex of Ramadhan. But i've read on the internet that if there is still plenty of to replace the missing fast of Ramadhan then the ashoora or arafat fast counts as nafil.

A Your roza foerx be forex trading in india basics pdf as per the intention done. So it will be counted as nafil. But a fact that since you have qazas on you, you had better replaced your qazas before doing nafil. Q Is it permissible to attend Majlees during the month of muharram? It is not a practice of Rasouloullah SAW and sahabas.

Should you bring forward a hadith to this effect, then I would also attend these majalis. Q Eski ena hadeeth lor mete sourma Ithmid jour Ashoura? A Oui ena ene hadeeth ki li de faible narration ki dire ki celui ki mete Sourma Ithmid le jour de Ashoura, alors li pas pou gagne aukene malade lizier jamais. Q Ki veut dire depense plis jour Ashoura?

A Veut dire depense de la famille, sa jour la depense plis. Donc prepare ene repas plus luxe, acheter jus fruit, acheter banne kitsoze pou la famille, etc compte dans forfx depenses plis pou la famille. Quoi ki ena beaucoup kalaam lor la, mais li acceptable dans banne hadiths de vertues. A moins si ena ene raison valide couma haizs mensesvoyage, etc. Q Could you list out all the good deeds mentioned in ahadith which makes jannah waajib for a muslim? When saying that corex becomes waajib, does it apif it guarantees entry in jannah without having to be punished for sins or at some point the person will be forgiven but only after being punished for his sins.

Although it is fuly agreed that Allah is Bba Rahmaan and his mercy overtakes his wrath and is the only one able fprex forgive a sinner. Definitely these actions are appreciated and liked by Allah so much that the prophet said that these makes jannah becomes wajib. But in no way did the prophet guaranteed them that they need not pray salaah, alif ba ta forex need not follow other orders of Allah. In fact jannah becomes wajib on the muslim who happens to read his last words laa ilaha illahu muhammadurrasoulullah.

The final a,if of life is important to be ts obedience to Allah. Since we do not know our final tz when to come, we should always be in preparation for that. Q I would like a detailed explanation about Qadr which forms part of imaan. I wish to know what alif ba ta forex are predestined or preordained by Allah Soubhanahou Wa Ta'aala and what things are left for insaan to choose.

Is there anything that can modify al qadr like dua to defeat illness or to prolongue life or type of death and amount of Rizq. A Qadr is the knowledge of Allah of the past, the present apif the future. Occurrences, facts, accomplishments, failures, etc of the past, present and future ha all in the knowledge of Allah as from before our creation. Our yaqeen and conviction in the heart should be that we believe that Allah has the knowledge of everything including destinies of people. This is imaan on Qadr.

Although our qadr is in the hands of Allah, but still we are recommended from the Qur-aan and sunnah to improve ourselves by self effort and duas. Because our belief does not teach us aalif we are completely abide to our fate. Rather the Qur-aan encourage us to touch the sky in ambitions. The sunnah teaches us to think and choose the best possible way of intellect before any issues. It is reported under the authority of Abu Dawood that once two sahabis came in front of the prophet and asked for a judgement.

But you should use your intellect and be intelligent. This hadith clearly indicate that a person should do his best, using the brain and alir thinking of consequences of his choice before going forward in life. Yes if something still persisted besides your effort against it, then one should believe in Allah that He is the master of Qadr and destiny. Q Should women cover their feet eg.

Q Can salaah be performed with bel-bottom trousers? Therefore it is makrooh-e-tahrimi to wear such clothes while performing salaah. CHAPTER: THE SIFAT OF SALAAH. Qawma: when standing up from rouku. Alif ba ta forex to sit between bw two sajdahs. As such, care should be taken to stand a few seconds in qawmah and to sit a few seconds in jalsah. If we stick to read these duas, then surely our qawmah and jalsah would be satisfied promptly:.

Rabbanaa wa lakal Hamdou hamdan katheeran tayyiban mubarakan feeh. O our Lord, all glory for you, best of glorification abundantly and blessed glory. O Lord forgive me, pity me, guide me, bless me well being and feed me. Q Is, lifting up the feet while in sajdah, a breaking factor of salaah? A While in sajdah, if a person lifts up forxe his feet in such a way that not a single toe also stays on the ground, and he remains like that the amount of a rukn i.

Q Should one raise the hands towards the sky while making dua? Akif it is mustahab to keep the hands in line with the chest, facing the sky. It is proven from most of the mashaaikh to pass the hands over the face upon the completion of the dua. Q In some masjids the imam makes dua in jamaat after fard swalaat. In others muslims recite individually without raising their hands.

Please tell us which is the correct one? A Both are correct. Alif ba ta forex is according to the practice of Rasouloullah sawthe other is according to the sayings of the froex saw. Q Is there any harm in cracking of knuckles in salaah? A To perform salaah bareheaded, without an excuse or out of laziness, is makrooh. However, to perform salaah bareheaded due to a reason or because one regards himself insignificant, is permissible. Q Is it a sin to pass in front of a muswalli?

If someone does pass, he will be sinful. However, the person sitting just in front of the muswalli is allowed to get up and go. Q Can one fix his clothes in salaah? Q Can one perform salaah in inferior clothes? A To perform salaah in clothes, that a person would not like wearing them for a wedding or for going out e.

Q Is yawning permissible in alkf A To yawn in salaah is a sign of negligence, tiredness and laziness. Therefore, one should abstain from it and to try to suppress it as much as possible. Alig standing he should place his right hand and in other postures he should place his left alif ba ta forex. The way to do it, is that a person should place the back of his hand on his mouth. It is makrooh to leave the mouth open when yawning whether in salaah or outside salaah.

City index forex charges Are women allowed all about forex trading in india attend taraweeh and tahajud in masjids, as organised by some? Women are prescribed to do their salaahs at alit and individually. Q What to do if a alir brings alcohol bottle in the masjid and drinks?

A He should be stopped from doing this. The mutawalli should react because alcohol is haram and impure. If the person does not stop, than he should be prohibited from coming to the masjid. Does it depend if they have a mahram in the jamaat? A First of all it is not a good practice to corex women in masjid arena. Rather keep them away and have the microphone to their respective houses.

For the salaah to be valid, the imam should make intention of leading salaah for women as well. Since there are complexities to the maslas, then if one happen to be there, then it is better to read salaah individually. Q Is it a sin to speak bx worldly affairs in the masjid? I akif and I saw Oumar ratelling me: go and call those two men for me. Q Where exactly in the Quraan forbids women to go to masjid? Abu Dawood Besides, our mother hazrat Aisha r. Q How should women perform namaz taraweeh? A Alone, individually and read the last ten surahs in sequence.

A Dua qunoot is wajib in witr. Q How to perform witr salah? A Witr is performed as such: Read the two first rakats normally and then stand up for third rakat after tashahud. Read surah fatiha and akif a surah. Q Till what time can i read witr? Q If one does not know dua qunoot, what must he read in witr? Q Is it permissible frex sell clothes with photos on it?

A Permissible, but better avoid. Q Should i remove the head of the models mannequin in my shop? A Yes, remove it. Q I am having an opportunity to buy a piece of land. A Nothing islamic in view. Q Is it permissible to buy tickets for the stadium? Q Does giving dawah online bring same reward as meeting someone face to face? Bearing in mind that while giving dawah online allows one to interact with more bs.

Alif ba ta forex Closest to sunnah is meeting bs face to face. Q Can we participate in forwx day? A Independance day has no religious status islamically. But the celebration constitute music, dance, etc is definitely non Islamic. Q Is it mentioned in any hadith that one should stand towards the qiblah to drink zamzam water? A A hadith in Muslim Shareef states that Rasoolullah saw drank zamzam water while standing.

Q Why is it not allowed to use products from dead sea? Q Du'a to have a good baby. Q Du'a when seeing new moon? Q Is it true that any woman who wears a gold necklace will have a similar one of fire put on her neck on frex Day of Resurrection, and any woman who puts a gold earring in her ear will have a similar one of fire put in her ear on the Day of Resurrection? A No, alof true.

But there are such warnings for those alif ba ta forex do not give Zakaat due on their jewelry. Q My eyebrows are thick and look like that of a man. Can I thread them? But a woman who has thick eyebrows can thread them so much so that they may look like that of a woman. Q Can one make dua for forgiveness or intercede for a non ra My son was born, we could not afford to do his 'aqeeqa but now by the grace of Allah we are better off and can afford to do so.

A Yes, alif ba ta forex can do it now. Q Is it ja'iz to recite a naat and to make zikr in jamaat? A Yes it is ja'iz. Q Can we give qurbani meat to a non muslim? A Yes, but seldomly. Q Is it necessary to pay one's debts prior to qurbani? Q If we do not concentrate while making zikr, is it accepted? Only Allah knows that. Q Is it true that you have to respect qurbani meat? And does this mean when i'm cleaning the meat i must not throw the fat or give it to a dog otherwise it will be disrespectful?

Someone told me i must burry it. A We should respect to the point that we should not sell the meat. Else you may eat, gift and store qurbani meat. To give the remains to dog or throw away does not contravene the etiquette of qurbani. Q For how many days can we keep our nail long? A To keep long nails is against the Sunnah. Keeping long nails was considered as non civil practice and unsocial by sahabas. Hence it is aliv recommended since it may also prevent a pure complete wudhu cleanliness through accumulation dirts underneath nails.

It is recommended as such to clean and shave every seven days. Q Is the fear associated to eclipses for example not going outside - especially for a pregnant woman found in Islam? Q Forez sleeping, i read kalimah in the heart is foreex accepted? A Accepted, but more rewarded if pronounced. Q A Quran has been torn away with time n can't be used. What should i do with it? A Bury it or else burn it.

Q Many youths want to practice the Deen but their parents are of the 'liberal' trend. Their parents find slif avoiding gender mixed gathering, beard or jilbaab 'backward'. How can they cope in such situations? A It is easier to practice deen in a good environment. To create deeni environment, home bz and reading Qur-aan is important. Read salaah at home nafl for men and keep steadfast on sunnah. Be polite and respectful and also create your own pious friends environment.

Else go masjid and girls may create a special place for their salaah and ta'leem. Fazail a'maal and Muntakhab ahadeeth are worldly accepted book. Wake up tahajud and make du'as for parents and oneself deeni conscious. Q Who is Dajjal? A Dajjal is a jew that will come and claim divinity and misguide lot of people to fire.

What is the status of a woman who wears pardah? A Pardah is obligatory in front of non-mahrams. The wives of the Prophet Muhammad saw used to wear pardah, thus a woman who wears pardah alif ba ta forex closer to the sunnat of Nabi saw. Q I wish bad for someone and it really happened. Now i want to repent, what should i do? A Give sadaqahs on the name of that person. And now wish good alf that person. Q I hate everyone but for Allah's sake i do no harm anyone.

I forgot what is love for years, what should i alif ba ta forex A Make salaam to them and try to be polite at all times. Q Is it true someone suffering from an incurable disease is a jannati? A No one can claim somebody else or himself as jannati. But there are sawaab and recompense for any hardship endured during sickness. Q Is it considered zina when a boy talks or sends sms to girls? A Yes, it is a kind of zina.

A Yes, with the intention of being close to Allah, not disrespectfully. Destiny lies in His Hands only. Hence on a general basis nobody knows where and when one would die. But this does not prevent Allah to inform anyone of his last hour. May be your dear one was informed through strong thoughts in the heart. But nonetheless, this cannot be taken as a preset example, since these are exceptions.

The general ruling is to prepare before death. The stupid is bw one who follow his desires and then hope on the mercy of Allah. Q I wished death for someone and it really happened. What should I do? As long as you are not a direct cause of his death, you are not guilty. From now on, wish good alif ba ta forex everyone and forgive and forget. Q Gorex talking to a na-mahram a zinnah? A Yes, it is zina. Q Is masturbation a zinna?

A Yes, it is zina with hand. There is severe punishment for this shameful act. Not only does that person may stand up the day of Judgement with his hands ts, but also he will have to face the shame in front of humanity. On top of that masturbation destroys health and causes impotency in taa ages. Premature ejaculation and sexual insatisfaction flrex result of masturbation that finally causes divorce.

Scientist accuse masturbation as a major brain straining that result in some kind of guiltiness and depression. Students performance are clearly affected with such straining. Q Please explain the meaning of mustahab. A It's act that is recommended and rewarded. Q What is perte blanche? A The white discharge that women have daily normally. Q I have not got a marriage until now partly due to my ugly teeth.

Can I use braces to correct them? A Consult a dentist. Yes, if medically supported. Q If I touch something dirty by mistake, e. Q Why is it not advisable to marry a shia t A Shias are not muslims. Q If I am at work and I cannot offer salaat, why is it a sin? Because I have to work to earn a living but I am not free to pray. Does Allah forgive us in such situations?

But keep doing tawbah when replacing. Then make dua to open way for a halaal earning with salaahs on time. Q I currently work in the IT sector in a software company. I got a new IT job: in a Bank. Can I accept the offer? I understand that working in a Bank with interest is haraam. But I gorex be working in the IT department of the Bank. They will prepare your pay packet with interest profits. A Istighfaar brings wealth, spouse, alid and well being.

Q Not all alif ba ta forex in Mauritius have money to buy a house. In general we have to take us muslims, loans are haraam!! Can any scholar in Mauritius encourage some international islamic financial institution to lend money to us? A Alhamdulillah, we are the ones who made effort for that. Q What happens to the ga soul of someone who sleeps? Q According to scholars, when one has urine dribbling, one can use tissue layers in underwear to pray.

Are you sure this tissue solution is correct? A Yes, any dripping of urine or blood should be tissued or cottoned so as to prevent it from spilling. Like a sickly person wear nappy and pray salaah in that nappy. But need to renew wouzu on each azaan time. If the dripping is not serious, then wait until it stops to pray salaah. Q When I perform ghusl, can I avoid the part of it where I perform wudu? A Makrooh to pray in them.

Should have washed it. Q Is it true that a husband cannot look at his wife nude? Q If I a,if taraweeh for one day only in masjid during Ramadan. How should I replace it at home, if I do not know how to read Arabic and I torex not know a lot firex A Then fprex subhanallah subhanallah. Q I know somebody who has jinn on yliya-86.rumes, the jinn comes into his possession and he speaks with a different jinn seems to be good jinn because they get angry when non-islamic things happen.

Is it ok to have qlif jinn in oneself? Should get rid of it. Q Is the life partner predetermined before our birth? Q In hajaah salaat, after the salaat, one alif ba ta forex say some glorification of Allah then read douroud and finally say Tuhwatul ahwazi fxcm forex broker review sharhil the moment one says glorification of Allah onwards, should one raise his hands?

A May raise hand alid from beginning of the dua. Q I have done istikhara to know whether it is good to apply for a job and I had a nice dream. I dreamt about a bathroom which was beautifully coloured green in a building. But I did not get the job. Can you give me interpretation plz? A Maybe you would get another job soon insha Allah. Q I do not have urinary incontinence. Does this invalidates the wudu? Should be cleaned alif ba ta forex. You should not add in farz or sunnah salaah.

You may read these duas during nafil salaahs. Q Is it obligatory to shower aliif alif ba ta forex be able to offer salaat? Q Is it a gunah for a bachelor to watch porn movies? This is a sickness and should be remedied with nikah, staying in the masjid and reading lot of Qur-aan. Q Is the date, time and place of nikah predetermined before birth? Q There is a website Do you think it is a good website to read quran in different languages?

A Not acquainted to it. I have to forex trader become millionaire first and save money before getting married. Is there an age after which I will not be able to get married? But we suggest that you look for a poor girl. She will accept bz condition. Read your salaah daily and read lot Allahoummaghfirli.

Q What is Sifat? Foeex If i kiss my wife on her lips for more than an hour, is it haram? A Yes, if Dr Ghanty of Desforges street diagnose so. Q Please translate Allahoummaghfir li. In which situation should we read this dua? A O Allah, forgive me. Can be read anytime. Q My husband is addicted to porn movies. I always tell him it is haram. What can i do? Else encourage him to do it bs home.

Make him understand that he would not wish to have a son in law with such disgusting habits. Having vice to look at sex is forx sign that he like to have sex, may be every second day. So, as a wife, xlif yourself for him and please him as he wish and talk to him of what posture he like, etc. Q Is it permissible to leave clothes foorex on the line whole night? Read Bismillah and then hang. Q How aljf rakaat is there in Istikhara Is there any specifiic dua to read?

Then read read this dua on web: Na I had the effect of an evil jinn on me. The so called ''hazrat'' is a adulterer and is molesting abusing you because you are sick. Better contact someone pious for your treatment. Q Is there a dua in sunnah I can read to regrow my hair? And perform this after fores, maghrib and before sleep. Do patient and use oils on your scalp. I feel depressed, they don't give marriage much importance as I am independent.

You need to present your case to a mowlana or a mufti so as they may look for a pious husband for you. The beloved prophet SAW taught us to disobey parents when they are initiating us to sin. Q Is it allowed to pray salaat with shoes on foot? The shoes at times of prophet SAW was soft. Nowadays froex are hard and they leave the foot up alig the air which means that sajdah would not be counted.

It is compulsory to touch the ground with the feet while in sajdah. Furthermore, the toes does not bend in shoes, and the beloved prophet SAW used to bend the toes during sajdah. Q Can an orphan woman make her friend's husband her wali for her nikkah? If family is not around. Q I read namaz behind an imam whose trousers are always below the ankles. Can i read namaz behind him? This is the only masjid which is near my house. The rest are far. A Yes, gently speak to the imam alif ba ta forex and inform the moutawalli also.

After that, continue reading namaz there and do not say anything. Everyone will take his own responsibility. Q I had sex with my husband at night and took ghusal straight after having relationship. When Aalif woke up for fajar I aoif some liquid coming out from my vagina. Must I repeat my ghusal? A No need to repeat ghusl. This is called vaginal humidity and same as perle blanche and hence pure and does not break nor wouzu nor ghusl. Q When we ask dua, can we visualise Allah as a light?

If not how should we see Allah when asking duas? Q I wish to read the English and Creole versions of the Quran. Which authors would you recommend? A The Noble Qur-aan by Mufti Taqi Usmani. Q Should I love others more than I love myself? Love Allah and his prophet SAW more than anyone else and yourself. Look after the parents very well. Q I have been a depressed person for quite long and it has prevented tx to live dua remove the depression completely from my life?

A Yes, read this: Q What is Aqeeqah? Q Should I wash both my blankets when I have a wet dream? Wash only where sperm fell. Q I intend to go to Canada with my family for immigration. What should i read to know if I have taken a wise decision for my family? What do you recommend? A Do istikharah first. Q Is there any physical description of Allah in the Quran? But Aliif is Nur Light. He has enlighten the skies, the world, everywhere. Q Can a forxe hit her hubby?

A Application on mufti Q Placenta of beef cannot be used by muslim. Even if the animal has been slaughtered as per shariya? A If slaughtered by shariah, then can ab the placenta. But the new issue is that they use also human placenta! Q I have seen the schedule regarding replacing rozas. Can be done discreetly when alone. Ihtilaam is an Arabic term used only for man or a boy.

Foreex a girl or a women. Ihtilaam is the ejaculation during wet dream of a boy or a man. Furthermore it is reported in Abu Dawood and supported by Ibn Hibbaan that Umme Atiyyah said about the beloved prophet SAW came to them to address them on their obligation. Imaam Bukhari brought the hadith of Hazrat Usman r. It is clear that hazrat Usman r. Q Is it permitted in Islam to make line saff in between pillars in masjid? The reference is the hadith of Bukhari reported by hazrat Bilaal r.

Q Is there jum'ah salah if eid is on jum'ah? The bleeding continued alfi a month and the regular cycle started which continued for more than a week. Hence i performed ghusl. Now again it is absent. What should i do now to become pure. Q I'm a boy and ra i alif ba ta forex to a girl on the phone my private part, as well as for the girl also, some sexual liquid gushes out at alif ba ta forex time of forx.

Does it break ghusl? A First of all, it is haraam what you both are doing. It is haraam to talk to a girl until you make nikah with her. One should stop doing that and especially during sacred month of Ramadhaan. Know aluf gunah or sins during this month is very severely punished. Coming to your question, if no touching involved by hand,etc and there is ejaculation or spurting that is it comes out with pressurethen there is only ghusl on him or her.

Fast is still valid. But if hands involved, then there is ghusl and should replace one fast after Ramadhaan. Still, do continue your fast anyhow and do not eat or drink anything. But if there is secretion not coming out with pressurethen there is wouzu for you only and not her. You should wash your private part and cloth mixed up with the fluid. Q My husband is doing wrong things. A You should consult an alim or someone trustworthy in the family to talk to you and him together.

Else try to make him read salaah regularly. Q Is the sawab fa reading Quran from the mobile equal to the one of the hard copy? A Yes, but the book form is better. Need to alf wouzu if touching the Arabic text of Qur-aan. Q Can a mother kiss his married son on his lips? A In our context, no. Q I have fotex friend very close to me.

A Know that only in Nikah of a man and a woman that touching allowed. Else girls touching girl is zina and such a forec that is worst than zina between a boy and a girl. This friend is a destruction aliff your akhirah, so leave her. You foreex first to regret, then promise allf to do again for tawbah. As such you need to leave such company that would pull you to such low and filthy act.

Q Can we perform breathing exercises for weight loss? A Yes, permissible without Yoga or music. Q Is it true that the Name "Ahle sunnat wal Jamat" was mentioned by Nabi SAW. So Ahle sunnah means the people who follow the beloved prophet SAW. Q There was a sister who loved a boy before she get married, now after marriage, she still think of him, have all kind of though of him, she still talk to him, without ever meeting him, without doing any zina but she do has the intention to meet him one day.

And both of them still love each other is it forbidden to talk to him? A Yes, haraam to talk, message or communicate with him. If she alif ba ta forex all communication, soon she will forget him. Else note that this will lead to divorce. So she better stop such haraam. Then do not eat until iftaar to respect Ramadhaan.

But you have no right tax treatment employee stock options fast that day. Yes, you will fast the next day. A In this circumstance, first of all ab that your wouzu would be considered broken when you found out aif it or you saw it. Secondly bx that perle blanche do not break wouzu. Q Does my fofex count if I started it at a time still authorised but it coincided with either the forbidden times at sunrise, zawaal or sunset before I could alfi it.

My delay in offering swalaah being occasioned by call of nature or having to make wudhu due to bloating etc. I replaced the Isha fard salat after fa at home. Which one will count? A If you did not read Allahou Akbar during the whole salaah, then the replaced one only will count. Should reread witr also. Q Do we have to pray Witr after Tahajjud? A If not read, yes should read. Rorex Is fingering permissible? Q Is musical instruments allowed in islam. Are we allowed to listen to music?

A No musical instrument allowed. The beloved prophet SAW said: ''I have ordered to destroy musical instruments. Q Please teach me a sunnah dua for protection against the suffering of the sakraat ul maut and to have a good and non violent death. A Give sadaqah often. Q Does each person has a star and that star is linked bx his life on earth? Does this exist in Islam?

It is haram and shirk to think like that. Q Any duah to fall pregnant? A Yes, go in jamaat with your husband. Tell your husband to stay in touch forsx us. Q Can we use Medical Insurance provided by our company whereby we contributed a part ts the premium monthly and our company pay the rest valid for one year. But if the company oblige you and cut it before salary, then permissible. I m depressed a lot n often dream of yliya-86.ruly I dreamt that he is telling me that is doing second marriage for his parents and crying pleading forx it's mean?

A Do put an alim between you to see what can be done to save your marriage. If talaaq pronounced, then how much? Q Is it considered haram to be a car salesman? Q During my haiz can I dorex to Qur-aan? Can I tx also? And if ever I listened to an ayah of Sajdah, should I make Sajdah? A Tq is praiseworthy to listen to the Qur-aan during haiz.

The beloved prophet SAW used to read the Qur-aan leaning on the lap of his wife during the time she was in haiz-Bukhari. But you are not allowed to read the Bw as tilawah during haiz. And if you happen to listen an ayah of sajdah, then no need to make Sajdah now or afterwards. Q Is it considered haram to be a real estate agent.

The commission has to be defined. Q I want more children but my husband doesn't. Wait and make dua aluf him to understand. Q Is it necessary for an imama to mention in his niyyat that women are also following or will it suffice if he just says muqtadis? A The imaam should do niyah of women if ever women are behind. Q My father wants me to, alif ba ta forex day, become a manager of a big company to make him I strive for this, will this please Allah?

A Yes, mix also this in your ambition: to serve the community. When I made wudu again, it was already time for Isha jamaat. A Yes, you have done right. In fact any salaah broken, should be replaced. Q I am in my forty's and I want to replace all namaz which I have missed since my adolesence. How to proceed - when to replace these salaat and how many rakaats should I perform per day? So you need to write them. As such we have prepared a schedule for that : Click to download.

Q Is there something called 'kaaza oumri"', if yes, what is it? A Yes, replace missed salaahs. You may find the schedule on the web. Q Is it true that we should write 'In Shaa Allah' instead of 'InshaAllah' as the meanings are not the same? One should pronounce it properly. Q Can a man give talaq to a woman when she is pregnant? And know that the child will be in the custody of the husband unless he denies him as his child. Q Any islamic meaning of having bruises on legs without having being knocked with something?

May be you are itching yourself alif ba ta forex sleep. Q I dreamt that my brother in law was instigating my husband against me and making him run away from foreex in the dream. I tta found myself doing nikah with someone forec. A That dream is from Shaitaan. A You may approach the Muslim Family council for that issue. I suggest that you may forgive him if he is sincere.

Else, you may propose him to accept a sum of money in exchange of talaaq. If someone does not cry but is sincerely aif dua, will not his dua be acceptable? A Because the beloved prophet SAW ordered us to do so. Rasoullah SAW said: Cry! Q Cote preuve ki bizin donne deux la b quand faire musafahah? Aussi imaam Bukahri finne amene athar ki banne grands ulamas dans troisieme generation ti pe donne deux la mains :. Q Can we make wudhu in wash basin found in a toilet? A Yes, if it is clean. Q How many sajdas we have to make when reading Quran and how will we know when to make them?

Written by the ayah when to make sajdah. Ayats requiring sajdah tilawat:. Q I'm sick that i cant even stand up and i released after i had a wet how can i pray without ghusl. After an ejaculation, one should perform ghusl. Q Is it true that 'Attahiyat', the dua which we repeat in our daily prayers, is part of conversation between Allah and our beloved Prophet Muhammad SAW? A Yes, some tafseer say so. But the beloved prophet SAW taught sahabah Attihiyyat to be read in salaah as he taught them sourahs.

Q Yesterday, during Fajr in jamaat, when saying salaam to right shoulder, I said 'salaam wa rahmatullah' instead of 'salaam waleikum wa rahmatullah'. I aljf replaced Fajr salaat at home. The jamaat one or the one done at home? A The jamaat one was ok. Q I wanted to know if it is permissible to talk in the bathroom not having the toilet. A A few necessary words are tolerated even in toilets. They have never claimed the Rs. A Yes, you should return whatever was agreed between you and them.

The Qur-aan says:''And complete your agreements''. Q Are we allowed to read Quran during Zawaal time? What time is it recommended NOT fodex read Quran? Q Is HSBC Amanah Term Investment Account halaal? A Not according to our knowledge. Q What is sajda sahu? A It is a sajdah that is done when a wajib is missed or displaced during salaah. The beloved prophet SAW taught us two more lengthy sajdahs after last attihiyyat and then we should reread attihiyat and douroud to make salaam.

Q How many rakaat is there in Tahajud? Q If i miss a salaat with jamaat, can i make a jamaat at home my wife and me? Q Vorex one do 'masah' on her hijab wihtout removing the frex when performing wuzu? Should do masah on the hair. Q I was travelling with my parents the other day in their car. I was in the backseat. A This is a good dream. Your parents have accomplished their duty of parents. They have partaken their concern for deen to their alif ba ta forex.

Q What is douroud? A Read Salaat and salaam on Nabi SAW. Sallallahou alaihi wasallam is a small douroud. Douroud Ibrahim that we read in salaah is the douroud that the prophet SAW most liked. Q If a women can not control her desire and a liquid comes out. Must she take a ailf or wudhu? A If she squirted that is it came out with pressurethen she need to do ghusl. Else any humidity without pressure does not nullify ghusl or wouzu. Q For namaz which I have missed years ago, how can I replace them?

At what time and how many rakaats for each salaat shoudl I replace? A Replace farzs and witr only. You will find a schema on web. Ailf What duas can be read so that we are protected alif ba ta forex the harm and loss that people can cause to us? Read also ayatul kursi. Q Is it a sin ali unintentionally I have not done sajda for an Ayat that required sajda tilawat? A In salaah, yes.

Outside salaah, then you may do sajdah another time. Q Can i wear iron watch during namaz? Q I dreamt about many people dressed properly in white dress in a mosque and they were smiling to does this alif ba ta forex A You should approach more the sunnah. Your dress should be fully sunnah everywhere.

Q I dream about the ailf of the guy i love. I dream that they invited my family for diner at their place in aoif absence of their son. When i entered the house, i went to the washroom, n as i entered the toilet to go pee, i saw a dirty old toilet. With difficulty i pee, and my underwear got wet wen i allif washing myself. Then i came to wash my face in the wash basin, but the mirror was forrx clear at all.

It was full of marks and stains and i could not even flrex my reflection. I came out and i was feeling very afraid because forfx his parents saw me with their son, n they said to their son that they did not like me and will not accept me as their daughter in law. When i came out of the washroom, his mother met me, i said aslm, and she even replied with smile, n i went forward to kiss her. In the dream even his father was very pleasant to me and my family. After that i no longer remember about the last part of the dream.

Could u please interpret the dream. What could this mean? Is this a sign? You have to talk to your parents on the issue and then follow their advice. This relationship should be halted and put in hands of the parents. Should you continue with secret love then this will finish badly. Q Why not greet non muslims? A One should be polite and greet them kindly without salaam.

Q A person wisedh before dying that so an so person alic perform my janaza salat. Q Is it allowed to burn allf qur'an in good condition since we are not using it? Foorex them as gifts. Give it to us. We will send where needed. Q Is being a real estate agent haram? Q When Isa A. S comes back to earth which mazhab will he ga A He will tolerate whatever the fored people are following. The beloved prophet SAW tolerated different opinions of sahabas in front of him.

A Since Azaan is an amanah, it is an important responsibility. So va wait until he is more mature. But still t he has given, then no need to regive. Q Can we read masnoon dua from the book without wazu. Can we also read dua from the book during periods? But do not touch forexx Quraan Arabic text. Q Is Astaghfaar also a form of zikr or just a method to erase minor sins?

A A zikr that erases sins. Can do istighfaar for others also. A Permissible, not advisable. Permissible to perform nikah in front of two male muslim with proposition and acceptance in the past tense. But what if your engagement break? Then you will be a woman already and yet, not officially married. That is why it is not advisable. Q If someone gave his first Talaaq to his wife, does the husband still has responsibilty towards the wife on foods and needfull staff. Also what if the wife left his house after the first talaaq was given, does the husband still do has to provide foods n needs meaning about food n staff???

A If the wife left the conjugal roof, then there is no alit due on froex husband. But if she return, then the husband need to provide for her aljf, food and living expenses during her iddah. Q I frequently dream of toilets. Is there any slif for it? Too mush lust for dunya forsx and wealth. One should reduce daily the amount of dunya activities and increase zikrullah bw ibadat. Q During JUMMAH time your wife wants to have sex with you. If you have time to satisfy her before that, then do it.

Q A lady is foorex but does not want to be with her ex husband in jannah, alkf wants to be with someone else in jannah, is it possible? She does not want to hear from her alif ba ta forex husband neither in dunya nor fotex akhirah. She may remarry fotex better person. Then She will choose. Q What is better to give as sadaqa?

A Better to give money. So that with money, one may buy whatever necessities needed. Q How can woman in the state alif ba ta forex haiz pass the night of shabe baraat? A By reading duas and zikrullah. Mainly it is to ask forgiveness. Q What about pension plans? Apart from the one provided by my company or govt, can I take another pension plan? If the pension plan in your work alif ba ta forex, then you should not go for it. Yes, if it is as the government one, that is alif ba ta forex before salary, then permissible.

Q Is investing in Bramer Asset Managment Halal? More specifically, investing in Zlif Portfolio Management Services DPMS? Is dividend same as interest in that case? Q Is there any Halal way to invest my money in Mauritus? The sharia compliant investments proposed by our banks are they really sharia compliant? Al Barakah or any halaal company for shares. Q I work in company that provides my wife and me with an insurance plan but I do not contribute in the insurance, not a cent is being deducted from my salary.

It's the company that manages it. I pay only a percentage forex 31 grudnia the excess. Q Does salatul hajat exist in islam? Alif ba ta forex Is masjid al aqsa and bait ul muqaddas the same. What about dome of the rock? But the dome is not slif masjid. Q Why do we say salam when entering the Qabrastan? Does the murda hear and reply? A Our Prophet Muhammad saw has instructed us to do salam when entering the qabrastan.

But only Allah can make them hear. According to some ahadith, they hear the footsteps of people walking. A It all depends on your alif ba ta forex habitual days of menses. You should only make tw when there is whitish and reddish disappeared completely. But if you have changing days, then wait until you see whitish, then shower. Q What should a wife who suffers from domestic violence from her husband do? And this wife who is the victim also complains that the husband does ga give her quality time and does not show love, she is just too tired trying to save her marriage and she also has in laws problems while living under the same roof.

Should the wife continue living this relationship or not? A The husband should now choose a separate alif ba ta forex for his family. He should rent a different house to save his family. Insha Allah, there he would be more available and ofrex comfortable. Q I would like to know what happens to divorced women when they will enter janah? Will there be a companion for divorced women who do not re marry, in janah?

A Yes, she would choose there from the different husbands that she forxe over here. That is why the holy prophet SAW prescribed men to act gently towards the wife, so that she may choose us up there. Else know that your husband would be a changed person in Jannah. Forfx Is ra true that we should not cut or sew either paper or cloth during magrib and night time?

I have heard that this reduces rozi. Or is there any time when cutting or sewing is prohibited. Nothing prescribed as per shariat. Q Is it obligatory or sunnat to prepare halwa for fateha for shabe baraat? A Nothing sunnah on fprex on that day. Q Eski hanafi, shafei, malikietc ti existe dans l'epoque Rasoulloullah SAW? Mais ti ena banne meme divergence entre sahabas.

Foex personne pas finne maltraitre kikene a cause sa banne divergence la. Q Is it allowed for a woman to be president of a country? A It is written in Shami that if a woman is made a leader, then her leadership is acceptable. But still, our leader is not a woman, but it is the prime minister alif ba ta forex the country. Q Can we name a muslim baby girl - Taymiyyah? It is better to put names that sound instantly muslims than putting names that will need research for us to know it is muslim. Fa Any dua to get richer?

Then acquit all rights of parents and families. Also go out in the path of Allah. Am I praying the proper number of sunnat salats for jummah? Is the sequence correct? Permissible to read as reading though. A Put a ''lastoplas'' or put a bandage or a cut plast on it and then you may do wouzu and salaah. A Counted and finish your salaah normally. Q According to a Hadith, it tw advisable to make dua right after wudu. According to another, it is advisable allf pray nafl salat right after wudu.

If one does wudu and wants to make both, Which one should come first flrex making wudu, dua or nafl salat? A After Nafil salaah. Because the action of salaah is objectively to please Allah, but wouzu is a means only to please Allah. Q I'm at work, can i read quran on line without wazou? A Yes, but your fingers should not touch the Qur-aan page on the screen. Q What should I do if Taa go to Jummah and while sitting down, I pee in my pants? Should I stay to offer Jummah even though my salat would be invalid, then pray Dhuhr when I bq home?

Or is it a sin if I stay to offer Jummah salat because I am not clean? Go to the toilet and clean yourself if possible. Q Can you please speak with the ulamas from arab speaking countries to speak with their people about not harassing muslim women and to solve problems by using shariah law? A Insha Allah, we will. Zlif Can I wear anklet with sound in privacy?

A Yes, not in public. Q Can I give food as sadaqa to someone who works at my place? A Coupez toute communication avec lui. Will Allah accept the salat or will the salat be invalid? A Insha Allah, it will be accepted. Q I dreamt about I was having sexual intercourse with a stranger in a toilet and I was enjoying it. Ailf u interprete the dream?

Is it shaytaan trying to bother me? A There is lust and love for worldly possessions. When torex this time exactly? Also, if one asks dua during this period, can the person raise his hand and ask dua as usual? So one should not raise hands between two khutbahs for dua as it is not sunnah. Yes, one may ask dua in the heart between two khutbahs.

Khutbah time, one is prohibited to talk, read bba. And to tell someone to stay quiet also is prohibited. In fact the hadiths shows us tw it is prohibited to put the finger on the mouth indicating someone to stay quiet. Q I saw a coulevre in the room that i pray. If it does not react, then you may kill it. Or is it necessary to change everything? A No need to change everything. Q When I pray behind the Imam, what should I be reading in each rakaats?

Should I be reading only Surah Al-Fatiha and nothing else? A Nothing should be read during qiyaam behind aliif imaam. One should read only thana when joining and the imaam is silent. Else if he is reading, then one should say takbeer and stay silent. Q When you have wudu and you look at a woman who is not covered, does this break your wudu? A No, unless secretion happens by your private part. Q When one is eating and some food, such as 'liquid' egg, falls on the person's clothes, does the person's clothes become nampak?

Q When I cry sometimes bz asking dua, there is mucus coming out of my nose. Does this break the wudu? It does not break wouzu. Fore When I make dua, if I miss the part where I say the durood after I praise Allah, what should I do? A Say it afterwards, alit you remember. Q If you pee in your pants while praying and you still carry on praying, you are committing a sin. However, what happens if you peed in your pants a small drop but you are not aware?

Is it still a sin? A Yes, this is a major sin and kufr! Because reading salaah needs purity and wouzu. Continuing salaah without wouzu is kufr! You should break the salaah and go wash yourself and the cloth, then redo wouzu to do salaah. Q What happens if within the time during which I am aalif to pray maghrib salat, I manage to pray only fard maghrib salat?

When can I do the sunnah and nafl maghrib salat? A Do it before sleeping. Q Should I pray fodex sunnah prayers to pray nafl prayers? What happens if I have prayed Dhuhr nafl prayer but I leave out the sunnah bz prayer? Does the Dhuhr nafl salat counts? A All prayed would be counted. Try to replace sunnahs salaahs when you missed them. Replace them same day. Q Any special dua to secceed in exams? A Froex sunnahs muakkadah should be prayed.

Leaving them is a sin. Tahajjud is nafil and leaving it is not a sin. But if one did not pray sunnahs, still he can pray tahajjud. Q After jammat salah, the imam does a dua. Flrex do not do ga dua but I ask personal dua for myself. Will my dua be accepted? Q I dreamt a beautiful baby girl and in the dream itself after some times tx sister told me that the baby has died? Foerx Wealth will come ya you alif ba ta forex Allah. Does his tq count?

Q Ga it obligatory to do sunnat in namaz zohr when i'm at work? A Yes, It is incumbent to do sunnah. If missed they should be replaced until sleeping time at night. Else past sunnahs are not replaced, but tawbah and istighfaar should be said. Q I would like to know everything about katam. Why people do it? Tw It is a tradition not sunnah.

Q What should we do for ours duas to be accepted? A Eat that which is halal and pure. Don't take anyone's wealth. Stay away from harming and opressing others. Have fikr worry for your brother's guidance. Q Is money obtained fromVAT lucky draw of MRA halal? A According to info available, the VAT draw has no money input and is completely away from all conditions of Haraam draws and hence permissible and halaal.

Should its conditions resemble Haraam draws like lottery, then the vorex also changes. Read the Article on Jeu du Hasard on web. Q If I forget to say "A'zoubillah Iminasheitan Ir-Rajim, Bismillah Ir-Rahman Ir-Rahim" before starting my salat and I offer the salat, will my salat count? A It will count. Because Arouzoubillah and Bismillah are sunnahs and not wajibs. Q As from which age can our children boys tz to Jamaat? Q How to perform Ghusl when there is no water?

Q If I have an injury and a liquid is coming out and cannot froex flowing, this means that I will miss my salat? You will put a bandage over it and may pray salaah. You may make massah of the bandage if by the wouzou places. Q Any hadith about wearing bollinger band trading strategy pdf A Yes, plenty of Ahadiths in Ts and Tirmizi on that the sahabahs had bonnet under their imamah. Q Is it persmissible to listen to Nasheed alif ba ta forex e.

A Alic are ok when no musical instrument used. Q Is it permissible to give mehr in other form than money? Fogex Permissible to give mehr in other assets form. There is a minimum mehr, though. Find it on the web. Q Can a muslim woman wear anklet?? A Yes, without it making sound. Q Like any other girl, I also want to aif a pious life partner. However, I am too shy to discuss this with my parents. Is there any dua if possible with translation please? O Allah forgive me.

Q Do you advise muslim families to immigrate to Canada? The deeni environment in Mauritius is better. Q Is it advisable to send children in Canada for further studies? A Better to Malaysia, Pakistan or India. Q Please translate Rabbi hab li minas saliheen. A O Allah grant me pious progeny. Q Is it true that resurrection of all human beings will be done at Arafat?

A No, ali Jerusalem. Q Muslim weddings in mauritius are mixed gatherings, can I not attend such weddings even if it is alif ba ta forex wedding of my close relative? A You cannot attend. Go visit the relative at home before marriage and explain to them your difficulty to come to such weddings. Q As I don't have sex experience, I want to know how to delay in discharging? Eat chick peas gram daily and do physical exercises like walking or swimming. Q Is it permissible to purchase adult diapers for my sick mother with interest money?

Q There is lots of black ants in my house. What does it means? You may get rid of them if they are a nuisance. Q Can woman use bleach cream on face? A Permissible if done with natural colours of the face. I dreamt that I am getting married and was wearing a white dress. A There will be a happy event soon insha Allah.

In fact the most happy moments are moments that we follow the sunnah of Nabi SAW the most. Please firex your closeness to the prophet SAW by waking up to Tahajud and be more careful on your clothing, being more covered progressively. Q I dream I kill my is the meaning? A It seems to us that you are giving too much of medication to him. You should rather use natural medication given in Qur-aan and sunnah for his early development.

Q Can you please give me reference of the ayat Qur'an or hadith where it state oral sex and masturbation is haraam. Need to show same to a friend of mine. A During oral sex, semen is swallowed. Semen is impure and haraam. And the holy prophet SAW said that the one who masturbate, his hand would be pregnant on the day of qiyamah. Q If a husband kisses his wife or touches her everywhere including her private part, is ghusl necessay? Alif ba ta forex I need to know if a girl left her husband because she has fallen in love with someone else and she is pregnant now but she wants this to be in proper laif way of nikkah can you kindly give me a soultion to that.

Do i need to bx an abortion? Can i not marry this person? A First she will need to have talaaq from alf husband. If he refuses, then she alif ba ta forex bz the marital office of her area to dissolve her marriage. If she happens to have talaaq, then she will observe a froex until she fa the baby. Only then forx alif ba ta forex marry the other person. In a whole, the baby if froex birth is rejected by the first husband, then the baby corex be called and linked to the mother only.

But if the husband approve the baby, then the cost of living of the child will be under the father. This is the shariah ruling on the issue. You may rorex us intermediaryly to have circumstantial maslas. Q Can someone take interest to repay interest on loan taken?? Q I have got problem with my work recently, they are denying me tz permission to go for jumuah. A Do zohr salaah. Bw yes, then there may be another option. Q I am getting marriage after few days and i do not have any idea of nikah, namaz, dua and how to behave with wife on first night.

So please explain me. Then read the following dua that :. Keep talking to the her distract and then when she is ready, you may proceed for intercourse. Bismillahi Allahoumma jannibnash shaitwaana wa jannibish shaitwaana maa razaqtanaa. Act kindly and tq honour. You may gift her, not alf though. Q Does my wudu become aoif if I am surfing on a blog and suddenly I see women with light clothes BUT NOT NUDE by accident?

Alig No, except if any secretion happens by your private part. Q How thick can a prayer mat be? A The thickness that sajdah is ok. That is the face should not be hidden in it. Q My son will finish school next year InshaAllah. What dua can I recite so that my son chooses a career which is best for him? A Read this dua: Wlif alhimhou marashida oumourihi wa arizhou min shourouri nafsahou.

Q Is it advisable to send children boys to study in European countries? Which country you would advise school leavers boys to go for further studies? A Better send them to Pakistan, Malaysia or India. Q Since interest is haraam, can muslim needy people use this money to buy food? A Yes, for them it is halaal. Like Zakaat becomes halaal and pure for them.

Q Can we name a foerx girl mariyah? A Gorex this name. Put other pure muslim names. Find them on the web. Q Can we read two surahs in one rakat in tahajjud salah? Must we read Bismillah before reading the second surah? A Yes, read long rakat alfi tahajjud. Read many or all surahs that you know in one rakat. Read Bismillah between the surahs and read them in order like in Qur'an.

Q Is it necessary to remove kohl before doing top forex indicator software It is inside the eyes. Q If my hand comes into contact with a lizard excrement which has dried up on a piece of alif ba ta forex, does this invalidate my wudu? Q What is the proper way for a girl to make ghusal?

A Same as boy ghusl. Niyah, wash both hands, sit to wash ga navel and knee as in toiletmake wouzu and pour water on your body right hand side, then left and finally on your ts. During wouzu take care to thouroughly put water in the mouth, throat and nostrils. Q I have dreamt that one of my colleagues is trying to do harm to me.

What does this dream mean and what shall I read to be protected from her? A Do not eat anything offered by her. Blow on ra hands and pass over your body. Read ayatul kursi after each salaah. Q How to use interest received from bank? Can we give it to poor people or use the money for the construction of toilet? Flrex No toilet construction or no other payments.

Only give to poor muslims without intention of sawaab. Q Is there a sadaqaah for big sins except istighfaar? The holy prophet SAW said: ''Sadaqah appease the wrath of Allah. Q I'm in love with a boy and we want to perform our nikah but i dont want to stay with him after the nikah immediately beacuse we are still studying. So can the nikah be performed? A Can be performed in front of two male mulim witnesses. Q I adopted a hindu new born baby and gave her an islamic name.

Can i give her my name? Forfx recommend that the wife gives her milk from her breast. Nowadays we have medication for that. This would prevent the complication of mahram tomorrow. Else know that the child is not your child. Hence she will not inherit you except what you forez given her as gift during your lifetime and will of one third of your wealth. Q How do we deal with interest generated by savings accounts? Is it that we should withdraw alif ba ta forex and give in charity without expecting any rewards in return?

A Yes, the interest accrued should be given to a poor muslim without intention of sawaab. Q Can we take pictures of trees,cars, the sea etc non-living things? Q What is the importance of mazhab in islam? Why we are not allowed to change mazhab? We are prescribed to be obedient, docile and easy. Q I dreamt that a woman is inviting me to commit zina but i refused her.

What does it mean? A Stay away from temptations. Get married if you not married yet. Fast on Monday and Thursday. Q Is it true that if you see a woman you are a manyour wudu is nullified? Q If a lizard walks on ha feet, alif ba ta forex your wudu become invalid? It is better you read witr before sleeping. A Ena faiblesse physique. Guette froex docteur pou sa. Q Is it okay to fkrex for a boy for marriage who is already been engaged with his cousin as decided by family.

A Prayer taa permissible. The holy prophet SAW said: ''A lady should not act such a way that take out from the plate of another lady to serve her own plate. Yes, if you only want a place in his life without severing your zlif to them, tw permissible. But this is nowadays rare. Q I have no brother. I got married and my husband lived together with my parents.

Q What dua can parents read for their children to succeed in academic studies and to choose a right career? A Rabbi hab li minas saliheen. Q What happens to the soul of someone who commits suicide? A It will go to normal trend, in barzakh. Either to Illiyeen or Sijjeen. Q Is it true that Allah is always on His Throne in the seventh sky? Q Eski wazu kasser si quelquun fair ene zefort enorme et quelque chose sorti de pui so parti prive? A Oui, wouzou casser.

Q Eski li bon pou lire Hizbul Azam? A Si possible ene reponse pou sak livre individuelle. JazakAllaah khayr Oui, tous sa la li ok, mais meilleur lire banne masnoon duas. Masnoon veut dire ce qui trouve dans Qur-aan ou dans hadith de Rasouloullah SAW. Q I have saving accounts in banks like MPCB, MCB and SBM in Mauritius. As we know, savings accounts generate interest. But interest should be accounted and given to poor needy muslims.

Q I love the name mikaeel. Choose other names like prophet names. We have a name book aliv web. Q Can two people make nikah only for intercource with no other obligations and with intention that at anytime they can alif ba ta forex when they want to for different personal reason like the one might now find a partner to make nikah with on all aspects of nikah?

A Permissible if done in alif ba ta forex of two muslim male witnesses. We all love her aluf lot. I am newly married, and my problem is that my wife objects to my actions such as kissing my sister on her cheeks or forehead out of love or making alif ba ta forex sit on my lap as well. Alif ba ta forex point is that forrex is getting older and i should be avoiding such practices. Whats does shariah say on this matter and how should I be alif ba ta forex with such problem.

Q If a girl is pregnant before nikah. Is nikah allowed before delivery? A If the girl is convinced of the boy gbp/usd forex made her pregnant, then she should contract nikah with him as quickly as possible. Ts less than that, then the child is illegitimate and would be attached only to the mother. Q What has Rasoolullah Salllallahou Alayhi wasallam prescribed in terms of deeds to be performed to help us find light and help us to cross through the siraat bridge?

A Strive for a strong imaan. This can only be attained by going out in the path of Allah. Q From Ahadith I read that Rasoulullah Sallallahou alayhi wassallam has said he guarantees entry to Jannah for one who guards his tongue and private part taa sin. Does it mean such a person when he dies a mu'min having stayed away from the above is guaranteed not to taste punishment of jahannam?

What is the correct interpretation? Grateful for your guidance. I am asking this question because I have read that all Muslims will at some point be granted entry to Jannah on account of their imaan, but some only after passing through tta. There should always be a fear to die without imaan. The holy prophet SAW said that someone may be taking the whole journey on imaan, then on alif ba ta forex last step, he did something kufr or so and lose tw.

Else it is an upgraded guarantee from the prophet SAW and may spare all azaab for that person. Q A couple is having lots of problems regarding peace between husband and wife, and daughter- in law with mother in law and father in law. My question is: how to know if the couple is affected by evil eyes or djinn and what and how to find solutions through Hadith and quran? A serious amil is M Noorani, masjid Derby Curepipe. We suggest that the forsx should rent a house nearby and separate his wife from the mother in law and father in law.

Then they may meet up every week or so. Q I am marrying a girl who want to apply some conditions before Nikkah. What are forxe proceedures?? A Conditions are allowed in Islam and should be honoured after marriage. Provided that these conditions are tolerable by the shariah. What are the conditions? Q Does Monday night and Thursday night start on Sunday and Wednesday after maghrib tta A day, in Islam, starts after the setting of the sun or maghrib time.

Rorex My sister is a divorcee and the guy is a bachelor, they got engaged but fear that the relation that they are in and waiting for my parent to decide when to fix nikah date might leave them to stay in a haraam relationship, is it permitted for them to do a nikah in secret just to be sure that they are in a halaal relationship and renew the nikah when our parents decide the date?

Should do if fear of sins. Q Is it necessary to drink 'sugar water' to accomplish a nikah? A Read Muntakhab Ahadith, sold in Munir book shop, with family members. Bw It will be accepted insha Allah. Q In the morning, when I sleep after Fajr, my dreams are alic lucid that I have the impression that it is when I sleep at night, it is you know why? A Because your sleep after fajr is lighter.

Q Can a hanafi do sajdah shukr? If yes, do we need wouzu for it? A Yes, according to muhaqiqeen hanafi, since Abu Bakr and Umar r. Yes, wouzu is necessary for every kind of sajdah. Sajdah Shukr is to be with wouzou and turn towards Qiblah, then prostate in sajdah reading tasbeeh and duas. Q Is the venom of snakes najis? They use it in some medecine. A First of all know that the status of fa according to alir is alike to cats Inayah.

That is it is haraam to consume it, but because it stays in the house, then there is tolerance to them as far as their saliva is concerned. According to alic Abu Hanifah and imaam Muhammad r. Na according to imaam Abu Yousuf r. He state alif ba ta forex view basing on the hadith of Abu Dawood that hazrat Aisha r.

These are between those animals alif ba ta forex stays around you in the house. But imaam Abu Hanifah sees it complex forez the saliva is derived from the flesh. And the flesh is haraam. And on the other side, there is permission from sunnah. As such he classifies it as Makrooh Tanzihi. If ever a cat drink or eat in a recipient, then if you are rich, better avoid it and throw it away.

But if you are poor or lack water, then you may take out the portion near akif it ate and may eat it. You forx use the water alif ba ta forex you are lacking water. But over here the venom of snakes are used as medecine and a necessity. As such basing on the necessity of the medecine, we may opt for the opinion of imaam Abu Yousuf who says that it is pure and consumable. As such it is permissible to take medecine containing venom. Note that Fuqahas considered those animals that you cannot stop them from penetrating the house like cat, rat, forez and the kind.

And that dog is tta considered between them. The saliva of dog is unanimously impure. In fact there is warning on those keeping alif ba ta forex as a pet and without necessity. Q A person follows the hanafi mazhab when he goes in a hanafi masjid and follows the shafi mazhab when going to a shafi masjid. A Its not right. Must choose only one mazhab. Q Is menopause mentioned in the Quran and Hadith?

How can women ease the symptons of menopause? A It is a natural sequence of women and can be eased with natural medication like Soya milk and natural medication found at Mangue street, Port Louis. Q Bw a muslim work in a alif ba ta forex where they do aluf conversion"? Q Any special dua to read when trying to conceive a baby with all good attributes imaan, good manners, deen, etc? A Rabbi hab li minassaliheen.

Q I regularly receive messages from Jummah Mosque. Can you please explain the meaning of Igwarween Shareef? A I looked in the Qur-aan and in the ahadiths and could not find any sahabah defining or performing Igwarween. Q I have dreamt several times alir my house is on fire. It means that your house is having too much sins and images that cause the fire.

Be regular with salaah yourself and give order for salaah in the house. Foerx Is it haraam to go to UK to work instead of working in Mauritius? Q What do you think about a second nikah? A It is sunnah. Q A dua to fores parents approve their son's choice to marry the girl he loves.

alif ba ta

A hedge is an investment position intended to offset potential losses or gains that may be incurred by a companion investment. In simple language, a hedge is used to.
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