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There's a huge number of markets out there, so why is Emini day trading so compelling to so syztem traders? These traders have usually been involved in equities, bonds, forex, and any number of other markets over their trading careers trding many call the futures market home when it comes to their day trading. In this article, we'll provide a number of reasons why trading Eminis can be a huge advantage for the novice and sytsem trader alike.

This size and continual activity makes for a high degree of liquidity. Since the spread is considered a cost to enter the market, the very low spread of ES is a huge advantage for the active trader. The Ee market is also quite volatile throughout the trading day. This volatility provides the opportunity for Emini day trading and allows us to find trading setups even in a forex sts trading system amount of time.

An ES trader can trade as little as an hour or two every morning and still be consistently profitable most days due to the number of sustem quality trading opportunities. These trades are public and are placed on a first come, first served basis and all trades must follow CME Clearing rules as well as the CFTC and NFA rules. The ES is systfm fully electronic market without a trading pit which means no market makers, locals, or floor brokers. This means that all traders have access to the same Level II market and bid-ask spread.

This provides an equal playing field and allows for extremely quick online order execution. Compare this to Forex, where various firms control the market and the bid-ask spread. Even though many Forex brokers advertise a fixed spread, they often reserve the right to widen it at any time. Even worse, because Forex does not have a central exchange and many trades are done "over the counter" without a central time and sales report there is the risk that a broker may not get your trade filled with the best execution possible.

Some Forex brokers have been known to bet against a trader, front-run their orders, and other nefarious tactics. There are very few parabolic moves, the depth of the market makes it virtually impossible to manipulate, and trends tend to be smooth and predictable with regular pullbacks. The same can't be said for most stocks, commodities, and many Forex pairs. The advantage of the technical nature of ES is that it allows us to focus on the price movement itself rather than indicators, expensive news feeds, or market rumors.

When viewing the price action we can easily identify trends and common patterns in the market and reliably act upon them. With only a single chart on one screen we can trade ES effectively as day traders. Being bombarded by a huge information flow is rarely an advantage - sometimes simple is better! This setup also gives the ES trader a great deal of flexibility. All an ES trader needs is a es day trading system single screen and they can trade from anywhere in the world as long as they have a reliable internet connection.

Their preparation time outside the trading day can be kept to a minimum which frees the day trader up to focus on the price action and patterns as their guide. A trader can sell short an ES contract at any time in hopes of simply buying it back later at a lower price with a profit. You can do this from day one with your futures broker without any special requirements needed. To go short in stocks ssystem will require a special account with increased requirements.

Some stocks cannot be shorted or have limited shares available to short which greatly limits your options in some market conditions. A trader needs to be careful with using leverage as higher leverage means higher potential risk, but in the in the hands of a trader with proper risk es day trading system it's an excellent tool. We don't advocate this kind of extreme leverage scenario at Samurai Trading Academy but with good risk controls it does allow those who are new to futures trading to enter the market with a much lower financial barrier.

With these requirements it's no surprise that many traders prefer Emini futures. They can then trade as often or as rarely as es day trading system want without further restrictions. Compared to stocks and Forex this is exceptionally low and unlike a Forex firm which might suddenly increase your spread, the commissions in futures can only get lower.

Once you are trading es day trading system contracts on a monthly basis the broker commissions become only a fraction of their initial level and very large traders can even get a seat on the exchange to reduce their fees even more. The lower commission structure of futures allows a trader to enter and exit the market more often which means that a trader can day trade and scalp with very large size if they choose to. In most markets this isn't an option for retail traders.

The cost of doing business in futures is also very low due to es day trading system leverage and small minimum account balance needed to get started. For the well fs novice trader these lower barriers to entry are a huge advantage as they don't have to worry about tying up a large quantity of funds in their new venture. An experienced trader also finds the high leverage a very useful tool as they are able to manage their trading account risk and free up funds for other uses.

There are a number of other advantages out there to trading Emini futures like tax breaks, diversification benefits, and much more but many of the major ones have been covered here. Ststem you are currently an active trader in stocks, Forex, or commodities I hope this article gave you good reasons to more seriously consider dqy the arena of futures trading. In our upcoming articles in the Emini Day Trading Series from Samurai Trading Academy we will look at how money is actually made as an Emini day trader and we will also look at some of the considerations you need to build a successful trading plan that will allow you to reach your trading goals.

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